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Timeless Easy Tips for Anti-Aging

Sure, Garcinia Cambogia might help you drop a few pounds, but If you want to look younger, do you have to make drastic changes in your day to day routines? However, there are a number of small changes you can work on that will help keep the years from showing up on your face. Even if you just update your style and do things just a little bit different, you can see some big results…

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

As you get older, cell turnover starts to slow down. Exfoliating regularly will help your skin rejuvenate and stay younger looking. It will help keep your complexion smooth and youthful, as well as improve the texture and tone of your skin. Exfoliating should be a gentle process though, so stay away from harsh cleansers. Instead, look for a gentle scrub or one that contains lactic acid (One that you can try is the Philosophy Microdelivery One Minute Purifying Enzyme Peel). If you have problem areas like sun spots, then you should try to find something that uses retinol.

The rest of the tips we’re going to go over are more related to style and beauty… from the right lipstick to help for choosing the best hair style that will help you look younger.

Leave Dark Lipstick in the Past

Using a dark color lipstick will make your lips appear smaller, for one. Secondly, dark lipstick will make almost anyone look older than they really are. So when you’re putting your makeup on for the day or you’re shopping for new lipstick, look for lighter, paler shades of color. Another option is to use gloss instead. There are plenty of glosses available now that will still give you a hint of color without overdoing it. As for applying lipstick, try using a touch of concealer on your lip lines so that your lipstick doesn’t creep into all the little lines around your lips. Of course, lip liner is always a viable option too.

Say No to Powder

At one time, about all your makeup consisted of something in powder form. Today there are many more options available that are better… powder easily brings out all the fine wrinkles, which is obviously something you don’t want. One of the best choices today is to use a tinted moisturizer. The second choice is a liquid foundation or one that’s creamy.

Light and Lovely – The Right Haircut

It’s surprising how many women go years with the same haircut and style. As you get older, you shouldn’t ignore your hair. Of course, there’s no hard fast rules etched into concrete. If you like short hair or long hair, both are fine… as long as you use the right cut and style. No matter how long your hair is, it should have some ‘life’ to it and not just be hopelessly dangling around your shoulders.  Try layers, choppy & sassy.

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Taking the WORK Out of Working Out!

If you’re trying to shape up, then you’re bound to know that there are literally hundreds of different kinds of exercises you can do. The problem a lot of people face is they simply never find the right one for them – that exercise routine that they actually enjoy and look forward to doing. Some people enjoy walking, jogging, riding a bike, swimming or something else that keeps them outdoors. Others don’t enjoy the outdoors as much and would prefer working out at the gym with weights, machines or taking different group classes.

If you enjoy the outdoors and live an area that often has nice weather, then consider trying to get a group of friends together to get out and exercise together. You could do weekly hiking trips, jogs or head to the river (or whatever water is nearby) for an afternoon of swimming. If you’re into sports, then you all could hit the batting cages or form games of softball, tennis, basketball or hit the golf course and driving range.

The possibilities are endless. It all just depends on what you like to do. A lot of people get bored with doing just a particular thing, too. So mix it up some. Hit the gym one day and on another day you and your friends can shoot some hoops. Exercise doesn’t have to be tedious, boring or ‘hard work’. There are all kinds of things that are fun and you probably enjoy that you didn’t even really consider exercise before. Heck, even getting out in the garden for the afternoon is a form of exercise.

Check in with your local gyms and see what they offer. Today there are all kinds of different classes that are often available. From yoga and pilates (you’d be surprised just how challenging those can be regardless of whether you have always considered them ‘sissy’ like), to kickboxing, to the new big craze – Zumba.
Pick something and just get started. Try new things. Eventually you’re going to find the perfect fit for you and end up with a routine that’s tailor made for you. Just don’t get into a rut doing the same thing and always try to challenge yourself. Swimming doesn’t seem like much, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do. The resistance your muscles get is amazing and it works just about every muscle in your body.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re getting out there and doing something for about half an hour per day. Find a few things you like and switch ‘em up as you go along so you’re never getting bored and your body doesn’t get to used to it. If you’re doing the same exact thing constantly, your body adjusts to it and will end up not getting much out of it.

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Building Stamina with Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Stamina is by far one of the most important things if you’re trying to do exercises to lose weight fast. What makes stamina so important? Well, you aren’t going to be able to do much exercise in any given session if you don’t enough stamina. That means less exercise, less calories burned and less weight you’ll be losing. A really good way to build up your stamina quickly is to get plenty of cardio exercises in.

How to Build Stamina with Cardio Exercises

There are lots of cardio exercises to choose from, so really it all boils down to your preferences and what you enjoy doing. You can get on the treadmill or if you don’t like running on the treadmill then maybe a stair stepper is more your style. If you need motivation, classes are a great option. You’ll be motivated by everyone around you in the class and the leader of the class is almost sure to push everyone to do their best. You could simply try aerobics or yoga (it’s harder than you might think) or something more modern like dance or Zumba.

If you’re just now starting to exercise then take it slow at first. Yes, you want to build your stamina as fast as possible, but you want to do it without risking injury. The last thing you want is to end up getting hurt and not being able to exercise at all. Start slow. Gradually work up to higher intensity cardio exercises until you can do 30 minutes of intense cardio without killing yourself.

There are plenty of classes that are aimed at beginners so don’t be afraid to ask about them. By starting with a beginner’s class, others will be nearly on the same level as you and you won’t feel intimidated by super-fit people you can’t keep up with.

Not too long ago, spinning became the craze and people, beginners and advanced, flocked to spinning classes to get an intense workout. You might be tempted to jump into something like this, but just a bit of a head’s up – don’t start out with something like this. The classes are very intense. You’re better off starting with a beginner’s aerobics class.

Of course, once you get some stamina built up then the possibilities are pretty much endless. Keep upping the intensity of the cardio that you do, but also start adding in other types of exercises. Strength training is important to add into your routine. Strength training will help you build and develop your muscles, which means you’ll increase the amount of fat you burn. More muscles equals passive weight loss and more fat burned when you do workout.

Proper Form for Weights

It can be difficult to know whether or not you’re using proper form when you first start lifting weights. For that reason, it’s a good idea to get yourself a trainer (most gyms have personal trainers that will work with you for free or a nominal fee). They can watch your movements and make sure you’re using good form. If you don’t use good form, then first of all you’re risking injury. Secondly, you won’t be getting as much out of your workouts as you could.


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Say Goodbye to Frustrating Calorie Counting

Limiting the amount of calories you’re getting on a daily basis is one of the most recommended things when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. However, while it can play a role in your weight management, it simply isn’t as simple as that. A calorie is merely a measurement of energy. So calories are just a way to tell how much energy you’re feeding into your body and not always the best way to determine how much weight you’ll be able to lose.

Every Person is Different

One of the main reasons calorie counting isn’t as effective as some would have you believe is that everyone is different. Counting calories doesn’t actually tell you how many calories end up being absorbed and how many end up in your blood stream. The truth is that if you and another person were to eat the exact same thing, you both would absorb a different amount of minerals, fats and vitamins into the body – depending on your body. Your body  may absorb more fat and lead to weight gain, while the other person’s body may not absorb as much as the fat.

Good Calories, Bad Calories?

Counting calories doesn’t take into consideration the quality of food that you’re eating, either. Think about it… is the same amount of calories from ice cream or soda the same quality of calories if you were to eat the exact same amount of calories that comes from lean fish or chicken? Of course not. At one time, it was believed to be the same. Health experts would tell you calories are calories and that’s that. But today we know better. The type of foods you’re eating plays a much larger role in your weight loss than simply the number of calories that you eat.

Body Fat Percentage and Food Journals

Today we know that there are much better options for tracking and managing your weight loss. One of the most helpful and accurate ways of doing so is through keeping track of your body fat percentage. If your body fat percentage stays the same or particularly, if it rises – then there’s probably some dietary changes that should be made. If your body fat percentage is going down then you’re on the right track.

How do you keep track of things? Something a lot of people do is to keep a food journal each day. In your journal you should be writing down everything that you eat. Then when you check your body fat percentage, you can compare it to what you’re eating and more easily see where changes should be made and how effective your food choices are.

Using Body Mass Index

Another method to track things that’s better than strict calorie counting is to track your body mass index. Body mass index is referred to as BMI. It isn’t an exact science, but for the majority of people it’s pretty close and provides a pretty accurate way to measure your weight loss progress.



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Baby Steps to Weight Loss that Lasts

People who are trying to lose weight too often aim for goals that are simply too big to take on at once. They decide they’re going to completely change their diet overnight or they’re going to work out five days a week when they’ve never even set foot in a gym. Trying to take on huge changes like this usually doesn’t work. Sure, some may be able to do it, but for most people it’s much better to take things slow and gradually make changes.

If you’re trying to lose weight then do so in baby steps. Don’t try to completely change your lifestyle overnight, as it’s very difficult to make such big changes so quickly. Then when things fall through and you aren’t able to stick to it, you end up back where you started – or worse, even in worse shape because you give up.

Baby Steps to a Healthier Diet

If you want to start eating healthier, do so in small steps. Small goals will make it easier to grow into a healthier diet. You could start with something like committing to adding a salad as one of your meals each day. You could start with replacing your lunch time soda with a bottle of water. Small things like this make it easy to stick to and get used to. Once you’re used to doing that it comes naturally, then add another goal. Going slow gives you time to adjust and form better habits, as well as giving your body time to get used to the changes that are going on.

Baby Steps to

Just like taking baby steps to start eating healthier, the same kind of mindset should be used for working out. If you try to jump right into a schedule that’s strict and advanced, you’re probably going to end up giving up. Instead of trying to jump into a crazy workout schedule, simply shoot for working out one or two days per week. That’s it. No set times or specific exercises… simply a goal to work out period. You want to work out enough to feel like you’re getting something out of it, but you don’t want to overdo it.

If you start with too much too fast you’ll likely end up making excuses as to why you can’t do it. Take it slow and gradually increase the number of times you work out and for how long.

Today’s the Day

What’s most important in trying to lose weight and be healthier overall is your emotional mindset. Get it in your head and tell yourself today is the day things start to change. Realize that it will take time and give yourself that time to adjust with taking baby steps. Real change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to form new habits and break bad ones. Also realize that no one is perfect. There’s a good chance you’ll slip up here and there and that’s ok!



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Superfoods You Should be Shopping For

Well-known superfoods are always being replaced by newer ones that are discovered. Some of the superfoods that have received more than their fair share of attention has been acerola, cloves, maqui berry and baobab fruit. If you like to keep up with the latest and greatest in regards to your health then you’ve probably heard about all of these. But what is it that makes them so powerful? Let’s take a look at them a bit more closely and you’ll see why these foods should always be on your shopping list.

Maqui Berries

Maqui berries are similar to blueberries. They’ve hit the headlines and stolen some of the attention from the very popular acai berry. Originally from Patagonia in South America, this berry is an antioxidant powerhouse. They get very high scores on the oxygen radical absorbance capacity test (otherwise referred to as the ORAC test). This test measures how potent foods are in regards to antioxidants. If you think blueberries are good for you, consider this: maqui berries score at least ten times higher on the test than blueberries.


You may have seen these red fruits in the store and not even know it. They’re often called Amazon cherries or Barbados cherries. Originally from South America and Central America, they have 40 times more vitamin C than oranges. They’re sometimes hard to find in the United States though, so most of the time people get the health benefits from them in the form of a supplement: capsules, extracts and powders.


Cloves have been a staple in many kitchens long before they started being touted as the newest superfood. If you’re the one who cooks holiday meals then you probably use them on your ham or in your pumpkin pies, right? Did you know that Spanish researchers say that cloves have a powerful antioxidant to them may even be able to take the place of synthetic ones we often use for preserving food?

Baobab Fruit

This potent little fruit comes from Africa and has only recently been approved for export. They have a naturally powder-like texture even without any kind of processing. If you aren’t a fan of dairy products are can’t eat them due to health reasons, then this fruit should definitely be in your kitchen. They have a lot of calcium and vitamin C. If you roast the seeds from baobab fruit, you can eat them and get plenty of protein. It’s often used for flavor in yogurt, but hopefully it’ll start showing up in your local grocery stores since its export approval.

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