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Are you Ready, Willing and Able to implement outcome management?  Follow these readiness criteria to find out!

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Belief in a common good. This "North Carolina Now" video, viewable here, describes what 13-year old Community Sparkplug Daniela Barry has done about increasing food security and bringing her community together around that mission... View the video and read more here.
Evaluation Framework vs. Result Framework When an Evaluation Framework is utilized with the intention of improving impact, it may not always be the right approach. Long and expensive evaluations have come back with little information or validation of impact from efforts or dollars. Click here to see lessons shared by The Hewlett Foundation connected the dots.
Targeting Data: Creating Value.  READ Alliance engaged with us with the intention of clarifying their thinking on outcomes and milestones. Through this process, READ’s efforts were guided and grounded by John in answering and assessing the fundamental question: How do you define success?  By asking the right questions, READ found that they could elicit answers that would help READ recruit and retain more and better tutors. ...  Click here to read about READ’s journey.
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