Biothin and SDF3: Compare and Contrast

Biothin is a new weight loss supplement aimed at those that want to shed any additional pounds without having side effects. Promoted by Dr. Mercola, Biothin is sold via the mercola website and is particularly one of many diet supplements and fat loss products promoted by Dr. Mercola. But is Biothin anything good and can it help you lose weight safely?

Dr. Mercola is a well-respected nutritionist and esteemed part of the diet and weight reduction community. He spends lots of time educating and informing the

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Sea Buckthorn Oil – Add Charm and Glory to Your Skin

Today, everybody is very aware and cautious of his or her health, fitness and appearances. Everybody is attempting to look attractive and different to ensure they easily grab the interest of the public. People are attempting to keep up with the glory and shine of the skin to ensure that they are able to look beautiful and gorgeous. Well, you will find various skin-care products that may easily enable you to lighten the skin and enhance yourself. This oil can also be greatly effective if

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Taking the WORK Out of Working Out!

If you’re trying to shape up, then you’re bound to know that there are literally hundreds of different kinds of exercises you can do. The problem a lot of people face is they simply never find the right one for them – that exercise routine that they actually enjoy and look forward to doing. Some people enjoy walking, jogging, riding a bike, swimming or something else that keeps them outdoors. Others don’t enjoy the outdoors as much and would prefer working out at

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Building Stamina with Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Stamina is by far one of the most important things if you’re trying to do exercises to lose weight fast. What makes stamina so important? Well, you aren’t going to be able to do much exercise in any given session if you don’t enough stamina. That means less exercise, less calories burned and less weight you’ll be losing. A really good way to build up your stamina quickly is to get plenty of cardio exercises in.

How to Build Stamina with Cardio Exercises

There are lots of

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8 Simple Natural Beauty Tips

If you want to enhance your natural beauty, it really isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are all kinds of things you can do each day and small changes that you can make that will naturally bring out your natural beauty. Whether you realize it or not, there are things you do each and every day that affect your appearance. Here are just eight simple things you can do each day that will help you look your best…

No Hands on Your Face

Many people

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Acai Makes Natural Weight Loss Easier

Losing weight can be a challenge, so most people who struggle with weight are always looking for easier ways of doing so. Counting calories day-in and day-out gets very tedious and to be honest, it isn’t really all that effective to rely on calorie counting. See this article to understand why calorie counting isn’t your best bet if you’re trying to lose weight.

There are new discoveries being made every day in the world of weight loss. One of the things that many people have had

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Plant Based Diet Tips and Safety


The world of diet and nutrition constantly change, along with what we believe is healthy. If you include plenty of plant based foods in your diet, you’re essentially preventing many common diseases and improving your overall health. In fact, some health conditions can even be treated and/or reversed if you eat the right natural foods.

On the contrary, if you’re eating tons of animal products and processed foods then you’re adding to your risk of some scary health problems. Some foods that have been known to

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Surprising Finds with Sea Buckthorn

If you’re a fan of the Dr. Oz show then it’s very likely that you’ve heard about sea buckthorn already. Not only did he talk about it on one of his shows, it was actually featured in two shows back to back. Why would he feature it twice? Well maybe he just couldn’t cover all the amazing benefits of sea buckthorn in one show. There are so many powerful properties of sea buckthorn that it could really bring a lot of positive health

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Acai Berry, Diabetes, Weight Loss and Skin Care

Acai berry advertisements seem to be everywhere these days. Not just advertisements, but featured news stories, studies and health shows have all been talking about it, so we’re sure you have seen your fair share of them right? Acai berry seems to be in everything… you can find acai berry pills, purees, juices, powders and it’s even common to see acai added into popular food and health products. Some red wines are even adding in acai.

If you’re still a little mind-boggled about how

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Managing Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

As you probably know, there are two types of diabetes: Type I and Type II. Type II can often be managed and treated with the right exercises and diet. Type I is a completely different monster, though. If you or a loved one has Type I diabetes, here are some tips to help you manage it and stay as healthy as possible through diet and exercise choices.


Carbohydrates have gotten a pretty bad rep over the years. It’s not that they’re all bad, though. There are

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