Low temperature cooking and more

Before step foot in the Anaheim Convention Center to attend Natural Products Expo West, I formulated an introduction to all the exhibitors and representatives I plan to meet. Continue reading →

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February 2010 Nutrition Myths

I’m going this week to close by itself in some good ol ‘fashioned mythbusting. Have you ever heard of a doctor emphatically, that you should never nutritional supplements and conventional treatment of cancer combined? Continue reading →

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Acupressure News and Reviews

Potential consumers tend to alternative and complementary therapies on a subconscious level to categorize. The fact of the matter is that some holistic techniques seem more reasonable than others. Continue reading →

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Mind Body Medicine

Today I want a very special kind of pharmacy to discuss. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does not close for holidays and the staff are always on call. Continue reading →

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The other day fasting update

There is a common vision out there that academics live in “ivory towers”. The paper studies and publish them often seem far from the reality of life outside the halls of academia. Continue reading →

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Moroccan Oil for Pain

It has become customary to pop a pill when we are in pain. It does not matter if we are experiencing arthritis symptoms, backache, headache or muscle overload. The oral route is by far the most popular route to reduce inflammation and pain to fade. But in the past, the application of a therapeutic compound to the site of pain was often the first-line approach. A new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine examines whether a traditional remedy might have an application in

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Breathing Exercises

Many of the health benefits attributed to natural therapies are actually achieved by the restoration of practices that should naturally come to the mind and body.

There is nothing more fundamental and essential than breathing. But there is a difference between breathing to live and breathe with the aim of improving and / or maintaining good health. The difference between these practices generally has to do with two factors: the deliberate act of breathing deeply and how well air is inhaled and exhaled through the diaphragm

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Using Forskolin to Build Big Mass

Forskolin, is found within nature in the herb coleus forskohlii. It’s not new and has been long known to be an effective fat burner, but recently has been found to have anabolic benefits as well. It boosts the loss of fat by using a natural enzyme, adenylate cyclase. This enzyme kicks basically increases the cyclic AMP, or cAMP which causes the cells to break down the fat from cells and make it available for fuel rather than storage. This also stimulates the thyroid. With

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Healthier-looking skin

My philosophy on aging reflects my outlook on life in general. Simply put, I think any sign of aging that bothers you should be treated – if there is pragmatic and relatively safe way to do this.

Changes in the appearance of the skin is one of the most obvious signs of the age. Fortunately there are some cosmetics like Moroccan oil and nutritional supplements that address thinner skin, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles. And, perhaps best of all, this diet also helps a large number

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Dr. Oz and Sauna Therapy

Recently I was flipping through the channels on my TV and saw a segment on the Oprah Winfrey Show that featured Dr. Mehmet Oz. He was discussing all sorts of unconventional medical treatments and natural therapies that he felt were legitimate.

One of the points on his radar, an infrared sauna. He mentioned benefits, ranging from the lowering of blood pressure to increase metabolism (burning of calories), and even the elimination of toxins through the skin. Oprah made a part of the interview with Oz in

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