8 Simple Natural Beauty Tips

If you want to enhance your natural beauty, it really isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are all kinds of things you can do each day and small changes that you can make that will naturally bring out your natural beauty. Whether you realize it or not, there are things you do each and every day that affect your appearance. Here are just eight simple things you can do each day that will help you look your best…

No Hands on Your Face

Many people have a tendency to touch their face often. This is a habit that should be broken if you don’t want to encourage the formation of pimples and other skin problems. Your hands touch all kinds of things that you don’t normally even think twice about and if you’re touching your face, you’re bringing all that dirt, bacteria and more right into contact with your facial skin. You can also irritate the skin if you’re messing with your face too much. So minimize hand to face skin contact and when you must do it, make sure that you wash your hands first.

Alcohol in Skin Care

When you’re buying skin care products, make sure that you skip the ones that have lots of alcohol in them. If you use products that contain a lot of alcohol then you will most likely end up drying out your skin and that will make your skin appear duller than it should. So read the labels when you’re shopping and choose products that contain little or no alcohol in them.

Dress Accordingly

It might seem pretty obvious, but the clothes you choose to wear have a big effect on the way you look. Choose your colors carefully. Choose colors that compliment your skin color and tone. Use fits that flatter the features of your body that you’re proud of. But stay comfy! Make sure whatever you choose to wear is not too restricting or otherwise comfortable. There’s nothing beautiful about someone who is restricted, fumbling around or clearly uncomfortable.

Skip a Shampoo

Believe it or not, skipping a shampoo can have some beautiful benefits. Of course, we don’t mean going all week without shampooing – simply skip a wash here and there. If you’re washing your hair day-in and day-out, you’re putting strain on your scalp. Too much shampooing usually will lead to dry scalp, dry-looking hair and even dandruff. Not beautiful.

Toss Old Makeup

You shouldn’t have any makeup in your bathroom that’s older than a year. At some point each year, you should go through your makeup – throw out the old stuff and buy new ones.


Make it a point to exfoliate a few times each week to remove the old, dead skin cells. If you let those skin cells pile up then it can irritate your skin, cause pimples and even dry out your skin. So get yourself a gentle exfoliating product and keep some on hand.

No More Flaky Mascara

If your mascara is flaky then there’s a good chance that it’s old and needs replaced. After each use, make sure that the container is sealed properly to make sure it doesn’t start drying out. It’s never beautiful to have flaky mascara spotting up your skin.

Cool Eyes

To bring out your natural beauty, make sure that you are keeping your eyes cool. This is especially important when the weather is hot. Besides making you look more beautiful, it’s relaxing and can help eliminate any dark under eye circles. Dip some cotton pads into cucumber juice and let them rest on your eyes for several minutes each day.

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