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The Scoop On Advanced Green Coffee

Advanced Green Coffee - Oh No, Another One!Green coffee extract. With all the buzz about it lately, it’s only natural that companies are popping up all over the place offering consumers their own blend. We feel it’s our duty, and privilege, to stand guard and keep our readers informed about the pros and cons of all the different products we discover. Unlike some of these companies we come across, we want to give you all the info you need to make the choice that’s right for you.

This time, we’re talking about Advanced Green Coffee… and yes, as usual, there’s plenty to talk about. They employ the single tactic that I can’t stand. The FREE bottle. Normally I warn to stay away from these, because they end up trapping you into a subscription. But this time it’s different. We’ll get to that in a minute though. First of all, I want to bring it to your attention that they’re very vague. Yes, the site is beautiful. But that only means they have a great designer, not that they have a great product.

shocked-cartoonNot Enough Chlorogenic Acid!

Advanced Green Coffee is advertising a decent product, it seems. They claim their extract is a 100% natural and pure green coffee extract with no fillers. We’ve been around a long time and can tell you that that’s more than some companies can say about their extracts. It would have been nice, though, if they had told us just how much chlorogenic acid is in their Advanced Green Coffee extract. Dr. Oz recommended any green coffee product you buy should have at least 45% chlorogenic acid (or CGA). We always recommend this one, which has at least 50%, and you get that info right up front.


 No Svetol

I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find any mention of SVETOL in Advanced Green Coffee, either. According to Dr. Oz we’re supposed to look for a product that has the SVETOL brand name on it. You want a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid (more’s just fine!). You also wanna make sure that there aren’t any filler ingredients in it. So no matter what green coffee extract you’re looking at, make sure it fits all those criteria and that you’re allowed to view the actual label before buying. A good company will be sure to tell you everything you need to know, as well as be committed to providing you with helpful information about the product in general. Like who should or shouldn’t take it, the latest news and research, etc…

So… this “Advanced” green coffee product seems to:

  • Have no chlorogenic acid
  • No mention of Svetol
  • No mention of even what the mg per capsule is

Getting Your Information

And the kicker? If you want to look beyond that first page you’ll have to hand over all your handy dandy personal information like name, email, phone and more. Every button that says “Click Here” on their site just takes you right back up to that form to fill out, which we’ve shown here to the right>>. How nice.

Another Overpriced Extract

If their product was better (and we’ll never REALLY know, because they don’t tell us enough about it!) it’s certainly more expensive. They offer a free bottle deal, but only tell you in the very fine print that the offer applies to the 2, 3, and 4 month packages only. With Advanced Green Coffee you can expect to spend $48 for one bottle, whereas with this one you’ll spend about $24! Now, beat THAT, Advanced Green Coffee!


If you like to overpay for low quality, questionable products, then hey… it might be for you. However, I’m very  much doubting that! So in most cases, I’ll just stick with the advice of “Don’t Do It!”


Choosing A Supplier

Before you buy anything, make sure you understand the product and who you’re buying from so you don’t get ripped off. Any green coffee extract you buy should have a mimimum of 45% chlorogenic acid and contain Svetol. Any company you buy it from should allow you to clearly read the label before purchase and be easily contacted for questions or returns. Our research has shown that this is the best green coffee extract available right now, which you can also get from Amazon.



Click for larger size to read label.

Click for larger size to read label.

As recommended by Dr Oz, it:

  • This brand contains Svetol (Very important!)
  • Completely natural with no filler ingredients
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective
  • Is from a reputable supplier



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Questionable Purity of Puritan’s Pride

Good or bad? Puritan Raspberry KetonesThere are many good things to be said about the supplemental vitamin company Puritan’s Pride. The vast amount of products they offer is impressive, and their prices are reasonable. It doesn’t take long to come away very impressed when looking through their website. They seem to always have a fabulous sale going on, with either completely free shipping or a low flat rate for any amount of merchandise. Lures like that are hard to ignore.

Combos and Choice Overload: Good or Bad?

Unlike a few other companies we’ve reviewed, they do offer you the convenience of being able to check out the label for yourself. Remember to look closely, though.

The product Raspberry Ketones and White Kidney Bean Complex has only 100 mg of raspberry ketones, while it packs 500 mg of White Kidney Bean. If you were looking for a Raspberry Ketone product, that wouldn’t get you very far. There are several different combinations they offer – Raspberry Ketones mixed with everything from Green Coffee extract to African Mango. Thankfully they also offer just the Raspberry Ketones, but no higher than a dosage of 500 mg. Not very impressive.

Maybe Not All Natural – No Sources?

This company seems to have thought of everything. You can have excellent prices, free shipping and your raspberry ketones mixed with just about any other supplement you can imagine! What’s not to like… right? Except one thing… where do they get their raspberry ketones from? we could find NO information about the source of their raspberry ketones. Not a hint of whether it’s made from real raspberries or grown in a petri dish somewhere. The most you can find out is that they sell “highly concentrated forms of raspberry ketones”. That’s little comfort to customers who are looking for a purely natural product to rely on.

So while you may get what seems like a good deal by ordering from Puritan’s Pride, the unanswered questions may tip the scales in the long run.


We’re always suspicious of these types of stores. It seems like they offer some really good deals, but you never really know what you’re getting since they don’t tell you anything about where or how they produce their products – or information about their manufacturer if they aren’t the ones who really create them. You’re simply bombarded with half a dozen variations of every supplement, including raspberry ketones. You’re better off buying from a supplier that’s forthcoming and one that specializes in a few select supplements instead of trying to dab their toes into everything.

Raspberry Ketones Supplier: Tips to Pick the Right One

Searching for raspberry ketones can be time consuming if you aren’t sure what to look for. There are dozens of different brands and even more suppliers that carry those brands. Take a little bit of time to make sure you make the right choice. From our research, there’s a clear winner: these raspberry ketones drops are the ones that we currently recommend. You won’t find a better deal from a better supplier.

Dr Oz confirms drops work better:

  • You get more bang for your buck
  • Drops are absorbed by your body quicker and easier
  • This particular brand isn’t jam packed of useless ingredients
  • It’s 100% all natural, proven to be safe and simply work
  • You get a real money back guarantee with no hoops to jump through



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Stay FAR away from Pure Green Coffee

Suspicious Pure Green Coffee ExtractThis is a short review of Pure Green Coffee, from what we can tell you anyways. This is probably one of the first green coffee extracts you started to notice being advertised everywhere, which is understandable. Seems like they have an enormous budget they devote to advertising (we’ll get more to that here in a few minutes).

Beautiful but Annoying Site

When you first land on their site, it’s pretty darn impressive to say the least. It’s well designed, well put together and is very “cutting edge” looking. Personally, I find it very annoying when videos auto-play and you then you don’t have the option to pause them. I mean, seriously? What if everyone is sleeping? Is it really necessary to make me jump through hoops and mute my whole PC just to not wake my family up? Ok. Done with ranting on that… let’s move on!

They Try To Trick You

They’ve also incorporated a script or “plug in” that makes it appear as if they know about what is and isn’t available in your town. The headline greets with you a warning of sorts “Town Name Struggles to Keep it in Stock” (substitute town name with where ever it is you live). This is a popular marketing “trick” that uses psychology. I’m not totally against it, but thought you should know about it anyways.

This continues with the warning box right above the headline. It basically says stores are running out of it in your area, but… “It’s still available online!” Again, trying to strike scarcity and urgency in the visitor. I bet if you call up your local stores, you might find they have plenty. Or not. I don’t know. That all depends on where you live and what stores are there.

They Provide NO Info About Their Product

So I guess you could say this site is beautiful pretty deceptive. That leaves a lot of doubt in my mind about the quality of their product. Doesn’t it you? Then consider this… go ahead and look around their site and you tell ME if you can find ANY actual info about their brand? Their product? How many mg is it? How much GCA does it have? Any? That’s important to know! In fact, it’s one of the very first things you should find out about any green coffee extract you’re considering buying. Read about finding quality green coffee extract here.

They Demand Your Personal Email

Then to top it all off, you will be required to hand over your email in order to buy from them. Why would they require that? Yes, it can be an easy way to send important information or to communicate. But the fact of the matter is they simply want to build their email list so they can send you mail pushing more products or trying to get you to order another bottle. It should be an option, not something that you’re forced to do in order to buy something. If you go to the store and buy a weight loss supplement, do they require you to fill out a form with your email? No.


Be Careful Who You Buy From!

Never buy a green coffee extract if the company doesn’t even tell you what’s in it and you can’t read the label. That goes for any health supplement, actually. Throughout all of our research and reviews, we’ve found one that sticks out. You get the highest quality extract available, you get all the information in a clear manner and the price is right. This is the Svetol green coffee extract that we highly recommend and you can buy from Amazon now, as well.


Click for larger size to read label.

Click for larger size to read label.

As recommended by Dr Oz, it:

  • contains Svetol
  • completely natural with no filler ingredients
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective



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5htp for weight loss – according to Doctors

A new weight loss supplement is gaining tremendous interest. In fact, Dr Oz just featured it on his show. It’s called 5HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan) and it might just be what you need to finally lose weight. In fact, it’s considered one of the very best natural appetite suppressants.

5htp-amazed-woman5HTP Benefits

Besides weight loss, 5htp has long been used and studied for a variety of reasons. It has proved to be useful in alleviating a broad range of health problems including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders and panic attacks
  • Alcoholism
  • PMS
  • Obesity
  • Eating disorders such as bulimia
  • Oses­sive-compulsive disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Uncontrollable violent impulses.

All of these conditions have been successfully treated with 5–HTP. There are indications that these conditions may, in certain instances, be caused by underly­ing brain dysfunction that might be improved by 5HTP.

A significant body of evidence supporting these claims has been acquired over the past 35 years in human clinical trials and animal experiments. 5HTP itself does not directly perform any specific function in the body. 5HTP’s only known role is to serve as the precursor, or raw material that some cells use to create the neurotransmitter serotonin.

How Does 5HTP Help You Lose Weight?

Like we said, your body actually produces this chemical. It’s then converted into serotonin. The serotonin is then used to curb your appetite and improve your mood… and you lose weight. To get the most benefit from it, doctors are recommending an actual 5HTP supplement vs a serotonin one.

Why? The serotonin can’t access your brain directly from the bloodstream like 5HTP can and that’s needed in order to increase the levels of serotonin in your brain.

When you have higher levels of serotonin in your brain, your hunger dissipates and you actually feel fuller more often. There’s a study that showed women reducing the amount of carbs they ate naturally. They didn’t even realize it, as they weren’t purposely trying to do so.

5htp-warningsHow Safe is 5HTP?

Doctors agree that it’s perfectly safe for most people to use for limited time periods (12 weeks being the maximum). It occurs naturally in your body, so it isn’t like you’re introducing foreign substances. There is an exception, though.

  • They say that if you have gastrointestinal problems, you should talk to your doctor first. That’s because some people have reported gastrointestinal side effects like abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • You should also avoid it if you’re on antidepressants like MAOI or if you’re suffering from bipolor disorder/severe depression. 5HTP could in some cases increase suicidal thoughts and depression.
  • You shouldn’t use it if you’re pregnant, think you might be pregnant or if you’re breastfeeding.

Before buying 5HTP, make sure you aren’t already taking something that could be negatively increasing your serotonin levels. If you’re on any kind of medication, ask your doctor about it.

History of 5htp for weight loss

5htp-historyAs far back as 1975, researchers demonstrated that administering 5HTP to rats that were bred to overeat and be obese resulted in significant reduction in food intake (6). It turns out that these rats have decreased activity of the enzyme that converts tryptophan to 5HTP and subsequently to serotonin. In other words, these rats are fat as a result of a genetically determined low level of activity of the enzyme that starts the manufacture of serotonin from tryptophan. As a result, these rats never get the message to stop eating until they have consumed far greater amounts of food than normal rats.

There is much circumstantial evidence that many humans are genetically predisposed to obesity. This predisposition may involve the same mechanism as that observed in rats genetically predisposed to obesity. In other words, many people may be predisposed to being overweight because they have a decreased conversion of tryptophan to 5HTP and, as a result, decreased serotonin levels. By providing preformed 5HTP, this genetic defect is bypassed and more serotonin is manufactured. 5HTP literally turns off hunger (7).

5ht-doctor-research-15HTP Research

This isn’t something that we’ve just recently discovered, although it may just now start receiving a lot of attention. It’s actually been studied for more than 30 years. There have been clinical trials that prove just how effective it is at reducing the amount of calories that you eat.

Lost Over 10 Pounds in 12 Weeks

One study took overweight women and gave some of them 200mg of 5HTP to take just before eating. The other women were given a placebo instead. The participants that were taking the real 5HTP managed to lose over ten pounds in merely 12 weeks. Those who were taking a placebo? They lost just over two pounds. After further study, weight loss experts say that this is a supplement that usually works best if you’re they type who constantly craves food (carbs in particular).

The early animal studies that used 5HTP as a weight loss aid have been followed by a series of three human clinical studies of overweight women, conducted at the University of Rome (8-10). The first study showed that 5HTP was able to reduce caloric intake and promote weight loss despite the fact that the women made no conscious effort to lose weight (8). The average amount of weight loss during the five-week period of 5HTP supplementation was a little more than 3 pounds.

full-tummy-bellyCompletely Satisfied Despite Low Calorie Diet

The second study sought to determine whether 5HTP helped overweight individuals adhere to dietary recommendations (9). The twelve-week study was divided into two six-week periods. For the first six weeks, there were no dietary recommendations; for the second six weeks the women were placed on a 1,200-calorie diet. As shown in Table 1, the women who took the placebo lost 2.28 pounds, while the women who took the 5HTP lost 10.34 pounds. As in the previous study, 5HTP appeared to promote weight loss by promoting satiety-the feeling of satisfaction-leading to fewer calories being consumed at meals. Every woman who took the 5HTP reported early satiety.

Impressive Weight Loss Even With No Dieting

In the third study involving 5HTP, for the first six weeks there were no dietary restrictions, and for the second six weeks the women were placed on a 1,200-calorie-per-day diet (10). The results from this study were even more impressive than the previous studies for several reasons. The group that received the 5HTP had lost an average of 4.39 pounds at six weeks and an average of 11.63 pounds at 12 weeks (They lost even without dieting in the first half of the study!). In comparison, the placebo group had lost an average of only 0.62 pounds at six weeks and 1.87 pounds at twelve weeks. The lack of weight loss during the second six-week period in the placebo group obviously reflects the fact that the women had difficulty adhering to the diet.



Feel Fuller – Faster!

Early satiety was reported by 100 percent of the subjects during the first six-week period. During the second six-week period, even with severe caloric restriction, ninety percent of the women taking 5HTP reported early satiety. Many of the women who received the 5HTP (300 mg three times per day) reported mild nausea during the first six weeks of therapy. However, the symptom was never severe enough for any of the women to drop out of the study. No other side effects were reported.

No known health risks from taking 5htp

In September 1997, the popular weight loss drug Redux and its chemical cousin fenfluramine, part of the “fen-phen” combination, were taken off the market based on a study showing that these drugs may have caused permanent damage to heart valves in as many as one-third of the people who took them. There is no evidence that 5HTP produces these effects. Unlike Redux, 5HTP does not raise blood serotonin levels to a significant degree nor does it block reuptake of serotonin. The point here is that 5HTP does not disrupt the normal process of serotonin release, reabsorbtion, and elimination from the body. 5HTP is not a synthetic drug; it is an amino acid produced naturally by your body’s metabolism.

Warning About Low Quality 5HTP

Don’t simply buy the cheapest one you find. This goes for any supplement, but especially 5HTP.

A few years back there was a problem where some low-quality 5HTP supplements were contaminated with EMS (eosinophilia myalgia syndrome). It originated in impurities in the L-tryptophan. So you need to make sure you’re getting a quality product.

Also, there are many fly by night websites that sell products that don’t even have any of the active ingredients they claim. This is most common of websites that pay for traffic (the sites listed at the right side of Google and Bing search results). Nearly all of the scam websites are found there, as they can easily disappear tomorrow and their victims cannot find them again.

Where to Find 5HTP Supplements

This is not a new product, and you can find this supplement in many health food stores or online. Just remember that a quality product is worth a little extra. You should expect to pay up to about $20-$40 a bottle, depending on the quantity per capsule and capsules per bottle. Be very suspicious of any price too low – read the label very carefully and you will probably see it’s deceptive in some way – lots of fillers, or low mg per capsule, etc.

As you can hopefully tell, we take our research seriously. You should do the same – your health depends on it. If you simply don’t have the time, then we got you covered. Below you’ll find the ones that, after all our research, are the ones that we recommend.

[iframe 700 500] [iframe 750 3300]


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5 htp: A Naturally Produced Chemical that Can Help with Weight Loss

Recently, Doctor Oz did a show on a great natural supplement called 5htp and for many this was their first time hearing of the natural appetite suppressant which can help with weight loss. It is a chemical produced naturally by the brain, but can also be found in different types of food such as beans, nuts and milk. It is also used for treating problems with sleep along with depression and anxiety since it is a mood stabilizer as well. The way it works in the brain and central nervous system is by increasing the production in serotonin, a chemical in the brain which gives us pleasure. Serotonin can affect not only sleep but appetite of course, sexual behavior and pain sensation. A hungry brain typically is running low on serotonin which causes the body to want to eat and a diet can tend to suffer.

Doctor Oz recommends the use of 5 htp (5-Hydroxytryptophan) to balance out the serotonin and hunger receptors in the brain. When asking Denise Bruner, MD a Bariatric Physician to explain how it worked she said,” What happens is for 5-htp, it’s transported into the brain [and] it makes serotonin. Remember serotonin makes us feel good and feel happy and feel full and so when we are feeling that way we are going to eat less.” To understand better Doctor Oz had a scale with serotonin on one side and hunger on the other where he then explained, “When your hunger is always high it often means your serotonin levels are probably low. What [it] does very elegantly is it joins on the see saw to push down the hunger and increase the serotonin. As the serotonin floods the brain the hunger goes away.”

Of course there are always side effects to everything and the same goes for this supplement. Possible side effects could be nausea, diarrhea or constipation. Other side effects could include nervousness, insomnia, sweating, dizziness and headaches. In men it could possibly lead to erectile dysfunction. There are also some medications one would want to ask their doctor about before taking it like St. Johns wort, Celexa, Prozac, Zoloft and some chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics to name a few. It’s always a safe choice to discuss any vitamins or supplements with your doctor before adding them to your diet.

5 HTP is sold over the counter and you do not need a prescription for it. Also since it also helps with sleep and is a mood stabilizer one is able to have a good night’s rest and feel good in the morning and be able to make better food choices for their diet. With a new year just in its first stages everyone is eager to keep with their goals of weight loss and this natural appetite suppressant seems like a promising source of help.

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Keeping Active for Better Aging

It’s a simple fact: as start to get older, we simply aren’t as active as we once were in our younger days. That’s unfortunate though. Staying active is vital to staying healthy and in turn, vital if we want to remain independent for as long as possible.

“Exercise is important for almost everyone.” says Dr. Keith Veselik of the Loyola University Health System. He said he even will write it out in a prescription for patients to try to make them see the importance of exercise and the connection it has to their health. Maybe more doctors should write out prescriptions for exercise. People need to start understanding that taking care of your body is just as powerful as medication once something goes wrong.

Of course, staying active isn’t always as easy as you get older. But Dr. Veselik has plenty of tips for older generations to be able to get in some exercise…

If Join Pain is a Problem

Joint pain and muscle aches increase dramatically once you hit your 50′s. He recommends to try cardiovascular exercises that get your heart pumping without putting too much strain on your joints. If you used to be an avid runner, that may not be the best choice anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the same routes, though. Try a bicycle. That’s much easier on your joints than running. Even better is swimming, which works the majority of your muscles in a gentle way and gets your heart racing. This is a great way to get exercise if you suffer from arthritis.

If you insist on running though, please just make sure you have good running shoes that provide plenty of cushion and support.

If you get your rate up with cardiovascular exercise regularly, you can greatly reduce the chances of developing serious health problems like asthma and heart disease. However, if you haven’t been exercising for a while and want to get started, talk to your doctor first. They can help you develop a safe plan to get you active while reducing the risk of injury.

If Back Pain is a Problem

If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid joint and muscle pain, there’s still a good chance you will start experiencing back pain. If that’s the case, he says you should focus on strengthening your core muscles. Of course, always make sure you life heavy objects properly – with your legs and by not bending over and using your back to stand up and lift.

Other Tips

  • Include weight-bearing exercises in your routine. This will help you minimize the risk of osteoporosis by keeping your bones nice, strong and healthy.
  • Include exercises that strengthen your legs and improve your balance. This will help you stay flexible, balanced and minimize the risk of potentially dangerous falls.
  • Exercise not only keeps you healthy and helps prevent heart disease and such, but it can also reduce pain from arthritis and might even help prevent Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


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The Case for Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

look-good-svetolGreen coffee bean extract has quickly become one of the most talked-about weight loss products to hit the market. It’s been touted as the magical weight loss pill we’ve all been waiting for, and though it’s been proven again and again, many are still skeptical. That’s easy to understand though. Once you’ve been duped one too many times, you start to believe nothing is true.

The Svetol Factor

Once people seen the kind of weight loss that green coffee supplements can provide, it didn’t take long for marketers to take interest. It was popping up everywhere. Suddenly everywhere you looked online you found “Dr. Oz Recommended Green Coffee Bean Extract”. Truth is, many of these products were not real. Why? They lacked the quality ingredients that pure green coffee extract has.

Svetol green coffee bean extract is created from Robusta beans. The extract that comes from it gives you 45 to 50 percent of the magical chlorogenic acid. If you aren’t getting at least 45 percent chlorogenic acid then it isn’t going to be nearly as effective as you hoped. It’s ok if it has more, but 45 percent is the minimum you want to see on the label. Look for Svetol or GCA (green coffee antioxidant) on the label.

Proof that Green Coffee Extract Works

weight-loss-excited-green-coffeeThe Original Study Showed 15% Body Fat Loss

In January of 2012, The Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal published the findings of a green coffee extract study. This is the original study that sparked such a craze and the one that Dr. Oz originally talked about when he brought Dr. Lindsay Duncan onto his show in March. Dr. Lindsay Duncan is a naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionist.

While he typically doesn’t endorse supplements like this, he said that the potential of green coffee bean supplements was so exciting that he had to.

Over a 12-week period, participants in the study took the extract and did nothing different i.e. no exercising or dieting.

In fact, they were eating over 2,000 calories per day. Astoundingly, the end result was substantial weight loss and decrease in fat. They lost about 17lbs and over 15 percent body fat.

svetol-double-weightl-lossDr. Oz’s Study Proved Svetol DOUBLES Weight Loss

Fast forward to September of 2012. Dr. Oz was so intrigued with this magical weight loss pill that he decided to do a study of his own. Although he’s a well-known and respected doctor for very good reason, he brought in his team of medical experts to oversee the study.

Almost 100 women participated in this study: half were given the extract and half were given a placebo. They were medically screened and the only change they made was to keep a food journal to ensure healthier eating habits weren’t a factor in the results. As with the first study, they didn’t add any kind of exercise either.

“Dropped 2 Dress Sizes in 2 Weeks!”

And green coffee bean extract was proven yet again to be a powerful weight loss aid. The women taking the extract lost twice as much weight as those taking the placebo. All the participants were on-set and in the audience for the live show where he revealed the results. One lady even said she dopped two dress sizes during the 2-week study. If you missed it, we believe that Dr. Oz is going to rerun the episode showcasing the green coffee study on Dec. 27, 2012.

Why You Lose Weight With Green Coffee Extract

cut-fat-with-green-coffeeGreen coffee bean extract is created from raw, unroasted ‘green’ coffee beans. These beans contain the magical ingredient: chlorogenic acid. When coffee beans are roasted, just about all of this acid is destroyed. It’s the key ingredient and what makes this extract so powerful. It speeds up metabolism, hinders glucose from forming in the liver and slows down how much fat is absorbed.

There are three reasons that green coffee extract is so potent and why medical experts like Dr. Oz believe it could be the answer for weight loss.

#1 You don’t have to do any dieting. You can continue to eat whatever you normally eat now and still lose weight. Of course, if you did make a point to eat healthy that’s just even more weight you could lose.

#2 You don’t have to change your exercise habits. Most diets come with the typical fine print that says you need to eat well and exercise. Not this time. It’s been shown to help you drop weight even if you don’t exercise (that’s not to say that you shouldn’t, though).

#3 It works for anyone and has no side effects. Some people automatically think that it would have a lot of caffeine and make you jittery like some ‘energy pills.’ But truth is, there’s very little caffeine it.

Green Coffee Extract Warning

There isn’t any data about how it affects young children or unborn children. Therefore, kids and pregnant women should not take it. At a minimum, talk to your physician. If you are sensitive to caffeine, remember that it does have a small amount. We’re talking less than your typical cup of coffee.

Choosing Your Green Coffee Extract

This is such an amazing discovery for weight loss. But that doesn’t mean that all the suppliers you find will be selling a quality product that really works. As is the case when anything hot hits the market, there will be some companies that are just after your money. After researching all the brands available, the one that we highly recommend is this brand of SVETOL green coffee extract.

Just as Dr. Oz recommends, it:

  • Is SVETOL, which is very important
  • Comes with nothing but pure, natural, quality ingredients
  • Doesn’t have any of those fillers, additives, binders and other junk
  • Comes with an no-catch money-back gaurantee (the easiest refund policy we’ve ever found)
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective
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Apples VS Applesauce, Which is Best for You?

Have you ever wondered if applesauce is as good for you as apples since, well, it seems to be pretty much just made up of apples right? Sure, the primary ingredient is you guessed it… apples, but that doesn’t mean that they’re equal in regards to nutrition. They look completely different and that difference leads right into the nitty-gritty, too.

You might assume that naturally raw apples would be better for you and more nutritious. Sure, that may be the case for the most part. But believe it or not, which one you eat (or you decide to give to your kids) might have a lot to do with your dietary preferences and needs. Let’s take a look at some of the points to consider when choosing between apples or applesauce.


Fiber is an important part of any diet. Getting enough fiber will help your digestion system work more efficiently and also keep you feeling fuller for longer. Apples and applesauce are both normally a good source of dietary fiber. Both applesauce and apples will provide you the same amount of fiber, 3 grams per cup (cup of raw apple slices or a cup of applesauce). So the question is which you prefer and how much fiber should you be adding to your diet? Men and women are different: men should get about 38 grams daily and women should get about 25 grams.


Applesauce provides more calories than apples. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you are an active person then you need more calories than someone who isn’t very active. A cup of raw apple slices will only consist of about 65 calories. A cup of applesauce on the other hand, will consist of about 167 calories. If you’re on a diet or a strict calorie-count then apples make the better choice. But if you’re on the go, exercising, training or just a very active person then the applesauce may make more sense.


Your body needs carbohydrates since it’s one of the easiest nutrients to transform into energy. In fact, most of your body’s energy comes from what carbohydrates you eat. In regards to carbohydrates, raw apples are the lesser again… if you’re following a low-carb diet then you probably want to choose raw apples. A cup of raw apples will give you about 17 grams while a cup of applesauce will give you about 43 grams.


If you need more potassium in your diet, then this time around it’s the applesauce you should likely choose. A cup of raw apples will give you about 134 mg. A cup of applesauce will give you about 184 mg. Potassium is important for many things, such as healthy heart functioning and muscle contraction. It’s recommended that adults get about 4.7 grams per day. However, there are medical conditions that can affect this so talk to your doctor about your potassium levels if you’re unsure.

Vitamin C

Fresh fruits and veggies are well-known for providing plenty of vitamins and minerals we need. Vitamin C particularly helps your body heal wounds more effectively and repair bones and teeth. Women are advised to get 75 mg per day and men 90 mg per day. Apples and applesauce are very close in nature when it comes to Vitamin C. A cup of apples will give you about 5.8 mg and a cup of applesauce will give you about 4.2 mg.


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Fighting Fatigue – Top Foods, Herbs, Supplements and Tips

It’s no secret that many people experience some level of fatigue on a regular basis. Whether it’s at the office, at home or anywhere else, fatigue can truly make you miserable and it can cause the quality of your work suffer. Fatigue makes you feel both mentally and physically tired and weak. In short, it’s no fun. All too often people that suffer from fatigue reach for an energy drink. While this method may work for the short term, it’s only masking the root cause of the fatigue, while at the same time causing negative health consequences.

A smarter and more permanent approach to beating fatigue is to determine the real cause and start making the changes there. It is safe to say that the primary reasons most people suffer from fatigue are poor diet, lack of nutrients, dehydration, lack of exercise and lack of sleep.


Here is a list of types of foods that are known to cause fatigue: starchy carbohydrates such as cakes, cookies, doughnuts and foods that contain bleached and processed flour. Any of these types of high-sugar foods that contain lots of simple carbohydrates will give you short-term energy followed by a serious crash.

Certain foods do the opposite and fight fatigue by supplying long term, clean energy with no crash.

Unprocessed complex carbohydrates are the enemy of fatigue. Some of the very best fatigue fighting foods include quinoa, plums, nuts and brewers yeast. Be sure to include sufficient amounts of protein in your diet as well, as a lack of sufficient protein can cause fatigue. If you don’t eat meat, buying either a whey or vegetarian protein powder can make this much easier.


Lack of exercise can cause the body to feel tired and fatigued because the metabolism slows down and the body starts storing excess fat. Being overweight alone can cause chronic fatigue. Even mild daily exercise is extremely effective in reversing this.

Going for walks outside during the day will help increase your blood circulation. Poor circulation is a known cause of fatigue. Going for daily walks is an easy way to stay healthy and is extremely useful in weight management. Even if you only have a 10 or 15 minute break at work, going for a short walk outside can make you feel refreshed and re-energized.


Dehydration is an under-recognized leading cause of fatigue. Many people don’t drink water at all during the day; instead they drink soda, energy drinks and coffee, all of which can cause even further dehydration. Dehydration not only causes fatigue, but a variety of negative side effects including:

-Joint pain
-Dry skin
-Muscle cramps
-High blood pressure
-Build up of toxins in the body
-Weight gain

Dehydration is the sole reason may people experience fatigue. Luckily this is an easy one to fix; drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration.

Vitamins, herbs and supplements for fighting fatigue

Supplementing a proper diet and exercise regiment with the right nutrients can give you the edge you need to stay energized and stave off fatigue.

The best fatigue fighting herbs, vitamins and supplements include:

-Longan berries
-Bee pollen
-B vitamins

Other causes of fatigue

Other external factors that can cause fatigue include:

-Prescription drugs
-Illegal drugs

Being sure to get between seven and eight hours of sleep every night is vitally important in the battle against fatigue. If you feel that your diet, exercise regiment, sleeping schedule and supplement regiment are all on track and you’ve ruled out any other external causes of fatigue, but you’re still experiencing fatigue it may have another cause such as anemia, diabetes or a thyroid disorder, which is something that you should visit your doctor or natural health practitioner about.

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About the author:
John Mckiernan is a health and fitness writer. He is the owner ofSupplement Helperwhere he writes about supplements, health, fitness and more. He also managesCNA Info, a small blog that is aimed at answering questions for those interested in becoming nursing assistants. All articles are contributed by Fallon C Clark, California registered CNA.

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Little Known Beauty Tips Using Pomegranate

Taking garcinia cambogia can help with weight loss, but Adding pomegranate to your diet can bring great benefits to both your health and the way you look. Native to areas like Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Himalayas, it was introduced to the Western world in the later part of the 1700’s. It’s now commonly farmed in California and Arizona to make delicious pomegranate juice.

This savory fruit is rich in antioxidants and other ingredients that are well-known to help promote healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle. It’s been used for a number of health conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Just some of what you can get out of pomegranate include Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and potassium.

Skin Care with Pomegranate

Pomegranate is rich in iron, which means it helps your skin cells get the oxygen they need and helps your skin stay smooth and clear. Because it helps aid your digestive system, it helps regulate problems and imbalances in your body that can often be the root cause of acne problems.

We all know by  now how amazing antioxidants for our skin and overall health and pomegranates provides plenty since it’s a powerful source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also responsible for keeping your sebum levels in order. If your sebum levels get out of whack, it can easily cause acne flare-ups.

Applying Pomegranate to Skin

Apply pomegranate juice or an extract to the parts of your skin that need attention. You should be able to start seeing some results in merely days. If it’s aging and wrinkles you want help with, then try some pomegranate seed oil. Studies show that this can help improve your skin’s ability to produce collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Applying pomegranate seed oil to minor cuts and scrapes may also help speed up the healing process.

Stop Sun-Aging by Adding Pomegranate to Your Diet

If you’ve damaged your skin by too much fun in the sun and it’s starting to show, then it’s time to consider adding pomegranate juice to your diet. Drinking this juice can help extend the life of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts control your skin’s collagen and elastin, which is what determines the tone and silkiness of your skin.


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