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A Proven Product GC50 Review

Good product if you wanna spend more money!Here is a company actually worth some pretty decent attention and praise. A division of aProvenProduct, aPProved is one of the other leading green coffee supplement providers. They aren’t some fly by night company that popped up in the wake of the green coffee hype after Dr. Oz talked about it on the show. Nope. They’ve actually been around quite some time and they’re one of the few companies out there that we can say we respect.

Pro: Company with High Standards

They carefully test all their products. Why? Because yes, even the biggest name brands in the industry can make a mistake here and there. We agree, which is why believe in doing the same thing. Every single product that we ship out has been tested and passed with flying colors. There aren’t a lot of green coffee pill suppliers that go through that trouble. Many of them just are in too much of  a hurry to push as much product as they can out the door. That’s just not good business.

Why else do we respect them? Like us, they believe in thorough research. They’ve taken the time to study the studies (over 180 of them have been done… did you know that?). Again, most other companies out there wouldn’t care less about truly learning about the products they make such big claims about.

Instead of simply just making claims and pushing products. They want you to be educated, as we do, so they give advice, tips and information about green coffee extyract that will actually be helpful to you.

The Downside? They Charge Way Too Much!

So yes, in a nutshell we very much respect their organization. There’s just one downfall – for you. The price! At about $114 for three bottles, that’s roughly twice the amount you could get a 3-pack for. If you want a pure, high quality product that has everything that Dr. Oz recommends then check out the available green coffee supplements here. You won’t pay nearly as much, which is always a good thing. Right?


Choosing A Supplier

You know that we believe in high quality products, but we don’t believe that you should have to pay ridiculous prices for it. Therefore, we highly recommend this Svetol green coffee extract. It has everything that we look for at a great price. If you prefer, you can also buy it from Amazon (buy three from Amazon and they give you one free). 


Click for larger size to read label.

Click for larger size to read label.

As recommended by Dr Oz, it:

  • contains Svetol
  • completely natural with no filler ingredients
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective



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Stay FAR away from Pure Green Coffee

Suspicious Pure Green Coffee ExtractThis is a short review of Pure Green Coffee, from what we can tell you anyways. This is probably one of the first green coffee extracts you started to notice being advertised everywhere, which is understandable. Seems like they have an enormous budget they devote to advertising (we’ll get more to that here in a few minutes).

Beautiful but Annoying Site

When you first land on their site, it’s pretty darn impressive to say the least. It’s well designed, well put together and is very “cutting edge” looking. Personally, I find it very annoying when videos auto-play and you then you don’t have the option to pause them. I mean, seriously? What if everyone is sleeping? Is it really necessary to make me jump through hoops and mute my whole PC just to not wake my family up? Ok. Done with ranting on that… let’s move on!

They Try To Trick You

They’ve also incorporated a script or “plug in” that makes it appear as if they know about what is and isn’t available in your town. The headline greets with you a warning of sorts “Town Name Struggles to Keep it in Stock” (substitute town name with where ever it is you live). This is a popular marketing “trick” that uses psychology. I’m not totally against it, but thought you should know about it anyways.

This continues with the warning box right above the headline. It basically says stores are running out of it in your area, but… “It’s still available online!” Again, trying to strike scarcity and urgency in the visitor. I bet if you call up your local stores, you might find they have plenty. Or not. I don’t know. That all depends on where you live and what stores are there.

They Provide NO Info About Their Product

So I guess you could say this site is beautiful pretty deceptive. That leaves a lot of doubt in my mind about the quality of their product. Doesn’t it you? Then consider this… go ahead and look around their site and you tell ME if you can find ANY actual info about their brand? Their product? How many mg is it? How much GCA does it have? Any? That’s important to know! In fact, it’s one of the very first things you should find out about any green coffee extract you’re considering buying. Read about finding quality green coffee extract here.

They Demand Your Personal Email

Then to top it all off, you will be required to hand over your email in order to buy from them. Why would they require that? Yes, it can be an easy way to send important information or to communicate. But the fact of the matter is they simply want to build their email list so they can send you mail pushing more products or trying to get you to order another bottle. It should be an option, not something that you’re forced to do in order to buy something. If you go to the store and buy a weight loss supplement, do they require you to fill out a form with your email? No.


Be Careful Who You Buy From!

Never buy a green coffee extract if the company doesn’t even tell you what’s in it and you can’t read the label. That goes for any health supplement, actually. Throughout all of our research and reviews, we’ve found one that sticks out. You get the highest quality extract available, you get all the information in a clear manner and the price is right. This is the Svetol green coffee extract that we highly recommend and you can buy from Amazon now, as well.


Click for larger size to read label.

Click for larger size to read label.

As recommended by Dr Oz, it:

  • contains Svetol
  • completely natural with no filler ingredients
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective



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Green Coffee Premium at a Ridiculous Price

Is green coffee premium brand a scam?Holy smokes! There just doesn’t seem to be an end in sight since we’ve recently just started having a look-see at some particular green coffee supplement sellers that seem to be doing well. This is the latest one: Green Coffee Premium. Don’t get me wrong. The site is beautiful. The bottle and label are amazing. I can see why so many people would fall for it and hit the order button before even looking much further. So ya gotta give props to their designer I suppose.

Why Won’t They Show Us The Label?

But if people would slow down for a second, they would be able to see that this by far not one of the best deals on green coffee extract. First of all, let’s look at the label. As Dr. Oz recommends, always read the label. It’s the only sure way you’ll be able to tell if it provides good value or not. There needs to a bare minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid and preferably you want Svetol or GCA. But wait… Oh that’s right, this is another company that doesn’t think you should be able to see the label before buying.

>>   According to Dr. Oz – If you can’t read the label, Don’t BUY IT!   <<


Too Darn Expensive

The second thing is something that’s becoming way too common… the price. People are paying $48 for a bottle of GCA coffee supplements that are merely 400 mg capsule? That’s really too bad, as that isn’t very much when you’re paying almost $50 a pop. You can get a stronger, more effective extract for cheaper. Why would you want to spend more if you aren’t getting a better quality product or at least getting more of a product? That’s right… you wouldn’t. Naturally.

Tricky Return Policies

Again, this is another company that makes you think they have a complete money back guarantee. “Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed!” “100% Money Back Guarantee!”. But go ahead. Read the fine print on the conditions. Nope, they have no section or link prominently placed to help you find the fine print on returns. You have to dig through their Terms and Conditions page in order to find it. There are plenty of loopholes so they don’t have to refund your purchase:

  • Product must be unopened (so if you use it and you aren’t happy with it, you don’t get your money back)
  • But hey, if you trusted them enough to order one of their multi-packs or got a “buy three, get three free” offer (or similar)… you’re still out of luck. The complete combo pack must be returned in full, at your expense, and unopened if you stand a chance of getting a complete refund.

So yes, their site is pleasing to the eyes. But their product is not going to be pleasing to your wallet and you aren’t even allowed to view the actual ingredient label? Beware.

Choosing Your Extract

Be careful and do your own due diligence before buying any kind of health supplement. After all of the research we’ve done, this is by far the best green coffee extract that you can buy right now. It’s got everything you should look for in a green coffee bean extract without the high price tag. It’s more effective AND cheaper than Green Coffee Premium, plus they offer a true money back guarantee with not strings attached. 

svetol green coffee

As recommended by Dr Oz, it:

  • contains Svetol
  • completely natural with no filler ingredients
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective
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Ultimate Green Coffee Extract – High price, SCARY product?

This brand is manufactured by phytogenix labs and sold by smaller web sites. This product may have some good quality Green Coffee extract, but they dilute it with all kinds of fillers and other artificial ingredients. To make it worse, it is often sold for $50 or more PER BOTTLE! A very inflated price for even the very best quality Green Coffee Bean extract, and this is certainly not the best quality.

The GOOD News

question-markOn the plus side, it is not used in the “Free Trial” scams, which are ALWAYS the worst quality product and should be avoided at all cost. We recommend people throw any of those products they may have in the trash. This is not one of those.

BUT… Now the BAD NEWS…

Very little actual Green Coffee in the capsule

Wow! From the label you see that 3 capsules has only 200 mg of green coffee extract. Why would you want to take 3 capsules and still only get 1/2 the mg of green coffee extract Dr Oz recommends? And, why would they put so little green coffee in a capsule? Seems like they want to fake you into thinking it is a good value when it is clearly NOT.

ultimate-green-coffe-stomach-painLots of fillers and other junk

Wow again! Look at the ingredients from their label below. That’s the biggest list of “stuff” we’ve seen yet on something that is supposed to be a healthy, natural product – NOT!.

 We have had a few callers tell us they had purchased this brand and had stomach cramps after taking it. While this is not totally unheard of and could be a coincidence, it is very rare for users to have ANY side effects from taking green coffee bean extract, and have 3 callers report the same thing, possibly from some of the other substances they use to fill the capsule instead of just using pure green coffee extract.


Overall, we would give this brand a 2 thumbs down for being overpriced and of very dubious quality. Look elsewhere, you can easily find better quality and better price.



What We Recommend…

Take your time when buying green coffee extract supplements. Choose a reputable supplier and a quality product and you shouldn’t have any problems or side effects at all. After all our research, the Green Coffee Extract we recommend here is the highest quality you can find. It’s also sold on Amazon with a special: Buy three and you get one free.


Click for larger size to read label.

Click for larger size to read label.

As recommended by Dr Oz, it:

  • contains Svetol
  • completely natural with no filler ingredients
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective




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Why Svetol is Important When Buying Green Coffee Extract

It seems every few months there’s a new weight loss miracle to hit the market and the newest one causing its fair share of buzz is green coffee bean extract. With medical experts backing it and studies to prove it, it’s been called the miracle weight loss pill. Understandably, there are still plenty of people who are hesitant to believe that it really works like they say it does.

Does Green Coffee Extract Work?
We were a bit skeptical at first, too. That was, until Dr. Oz talked about it on his show back in March (of 2012). Like you probably do, we take whatever he says to heart. But before ever deciding that it would be something we’d be happy to carry in our store, we had to do our own digging. Truth is, this weight loss supplement will only become more in demand. So how do you know that it works?

Study Published in The Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal
A study that followed participants over 12 weeks was published in January 2012. This is the study that started it all. Dr. Lindsay Duncan came across the study, and though he doesn’t normally ‘endorse’ specific weight loss supplements, this time it was different. The excitement clearly showed as he went on and on about it on the Dr. Oz show.

The Dr. Oz Green Coffee Study
Eventually, Dr. Oz decided it was time to find out for himself just how or if this magical little extract could help you lose weight. He conducted his own study. His team of profound medical experts interviewed and selected nearly 100 women to participate. They were instructed to not change any of their habits, including exercise and eating habits. They were also required to keep a food journal. This was just to make sure weight loss couldn’t be attributed to any factor other than adding green coffee extract to their diet.

While the study was short compared to the previous one, lasting only two weeks, the results spoke for themselves. Women who were given a placebo did lose a little bit of weight. They attribute that to subconsciously eating less because of the food journal. The women who were taking the extract lost twice as much weight. Wouldn’t you like to double your weight loss without changing anything other than taking these capsules?

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

You might think that it has something to do with caffeine, but you’d be wrong. Experts believe it has nothing to do with the caffeine. Actually, the amount of caffeine in the extract is miniscule – less than what you’d get from your morning cup of coffee. The miraculous weight loss is attributed to chlorogenic acid or green coffee antioxidant (GCA). This powerful ingredient is only found in unroasted coffee beans (we call green coffee beans). It hinders fat absorption in your body, helps to prevent glucose build-up in your liver and boosts metabolism.

So all in all, we’re talking about three very key things. First of all, it works no matter what you eat. That means no diets that you have to try to stick to. Secondly, you don’t have to exercise! Sure, if you do exercise, you’re going to get better results. But that’s probably the most amazing thing about green coffee bean extract – it works regardless of physical activity and diet.

What’s with Svetol?
As Dr. Oz clearly pointed out on his show, not all green coffee capsules are created equal. In fact, some of them are just a plain ripoff. They have ‘filler’ ingredients that don’t do you any good and they don’t have enough Svetol or GCA. If you’re going to buy it, make sure that it has a bare minimum of 45 percent GCA/Svetol.

Side Effect Notes of Green Coffee Supplements
If you’re pregnant, it isn’t recommended to use it since it hasn’t been tested on children or how it could affect your fetus. If you’re insistant on taking this supplement, at least talk to your doctor first.

Final Note: If you want to see Dr. Oz show that green coffee extract works, be sure to watch the show on Dec. 27th!

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Dr. Oz Show And Green Coffee Extract Study

greencoffeebeansIn 2012, the incredibly popular Dr Oz show has featured Green Coffee supplements as a diet aid a record breaking 3 times. Once in May, again on September 10, and repeating the Sept 10 show on Dec 27th.

The Original Study that Sparked the Fire

The study that spurred Dr. Lindsay Duncan and Dr. Oz to bring the news of a miracle weight loss pill to the Dr Oz show was actually very small. Published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal, the study followed 16 overweight adults for 12 weeks.

Just by adding green coffee bean extract to their daily routine, they lost an amazing ten percent of their body weight and 16 percent body fat. More exactly, they lost an average of 17 pounds each over the course of the study.

They were directed not to change their eating or exercising habits. In fact, they were eating way more calories than what they burned off, so you would expect to see weight gain not weight loss. But that didn’t happen. They lost an amazing amount of weight without doing anything different other than taking the extract.

Dr Duncan appeared on the Dr Oz show in May 2012 to talk about this study and introduce the world to Green Coffee Extract as a weight loss supplement.

Dr. Oz Performs His Own Green Coffee Study

After the May episode, Green Coffee bean diet products really took off and thousands of people found success with it as a diet aid, prompting Dr Oz to investigate further.

On September 10th, Dr. Oz aired a groundbreaking show, revealing the study that he and his medical team had done and the results. This was the largest project that has ever been carried out for the show and the results once again prove just how effective green coffee extract is at helping you lose weight.

Tightly controlled, well supervised testing
The medical team that oversaw the study consisted of Kristin Kirkpatrick (a registered dietician)and Dr. Caroline Apovian. Together, they set up the ground rules and the structure of the study. 100 overweight women between the ages of 35 and 49 who had struggled with losing weight were brought in to be the test subjects. Their BMI ranged between 25 and 45. They wanted to minimize variants that could possibly influence the results, so the approval process for participating included several factors:

  • They couldn’t be breastfeeding
  • They couldn’t be pregnant
  • They couldn’t have any major medical problems like diabetes
  • They couldn’t have ever had a stroke or a heart attack

Each woman was given a bottle of pills, which was either the real coffee bean extract or a placebo.

  • 400 mg capsules, 3 times a day
  • No additional exercise
  • No changes to diet

They took one pill three times a day about 30 minutes before each meal (these were 400mg capsules, but you can also find them in 800mg so you don’t have to remember to take it as many times per day). Just like in the original study, they were asked not to make any changes to their diet or add any exercise. The women were required to keep a food journal to track everything that they were eating.

The Results

This study lasted for two weeks. Very simple and quick, as they wanted to test the effectiveness of the extract and get results quick. After two weeks, the women were brought in weighed and evaluated. They were all present on the show, seated in the audience. The women still didn’t know if they had been taking a placebo or the real deal.

After revealing which half of the audience had received the placebo and which half had been taking the extract, it was time to present the results. The results were clear.

Those taking the green coffee supplements lost TWICE as much weight as those that didn’t

The control group- those women who were taking placebo pills did lose on average 1 pound – probably due to the extra scrutiny they paid to what they ate over the test period. The other group lost 2 pounds over the 2 weeks test period. Not a huge amount, but definately significant and attained with NO effort.

Is Green Coffee Extract Right for You?

“There are no indications that green coffee bean extract has any harmful side effects” ~Dr. Oz

It should also be mentioned that there are apparently zero side effects. You might think you’d get the ‘jitters’ from caffeine, but there’s very little caffeine in this extract and not a single participant experienced any kind of jitteriness (is that a word?).

Green coffee extract is fine for any healthy adult who needs help losing weight. It isn’t recommended for anyone under the age of 18 (there hasn’t been any studies on younger people, so there’s not sufficient data to say it’s safe). Also, don’t take this extract if you’re breastfeeding or may be pregnant. Again, there just isn’t enough information available yet to show that it would be safe in those situations. Of course, if you’re allergic to caffeine or coffee then you shouldn’t take it.

“Green coffee bean extract has very little caffeine it, much less than is in coffee” ~Dr. Oz

Chlorogenic acid attacks and kills off fat cells. It also helps prevent new ones from forming. You don’t have to eat any kind of special diet or add any more e xercise into your lifestyle that you don’t already do (if you do any at all). Simply by taking an extract like Svetol® green coffee bean extract three times per day before meals, you’ll start dropping pounds.

Green coffee bean extract is taken from coffee beans in their raw form. They’re never put through a roasting process. These coffee beans have an antioxidant inside called chlorogenic acid, which is where the magic comes from – not caffeine. In fact, there’s very little caffeine at all in green coffee beans. When green coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid is destroyed. So don’t think you’re going to lose weight by drinking “green” coffee drinks.

Buying Green Coffee Bean Extract

“Not all green coffee is created equal” ~Dr. Oz

If you’re going to buy green coffee extract, buyer beware. Dr Oz was very upset about the explosion of websites selling extract that doesn’t contain enough of the chlorogenic acid or is simply filled with filler ingredients. He made it very clear that he doesn’t endorse ANY particular brand, but did give some very clear direction on how to be sure you get quality product that will produce results. According to Dr Oz, look for green coffee Extract that:

  • List Svetol® on the label
  • Has at LEAST 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • Has ZERO fillers or additives
  • at LEAST 400 mg per capsule

You should be looking at the labels and reading the ingredients. To be effective, you need to ensure that any extract you buy has a minimum of 45 percent chlorogenic acid. If the supplier isn’t providing you a way to actually see and read the ingredients, then don’t buy it.

Make sure it specifically says “No fillers” and “No artificial ingredients”. Many companies call their green coffee extract “pure”, but don’t get duped. This doesn’t really mean anything. Read the label. Read the ingredients.

**All quotes above have been taken directly from the Dr. Oz show

Our Recommendation

You can find cheaper products that may save you a few dollars, but are full of cheap fillers or crappy product and might not work…

We take pride in offering only the highest quality products. Our green coffee extract has:

  • Svetol
  • 50% Chlorogenic Acid
  • NO fillers or additives
  • 800 mg per capsule

(as recommended by Dr Oz)

click on images, or here, for more info.

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The Case for Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

look-good-svetolGreen coffee bean extract has quickly become one of the most talked-about weight loss products to hit the market. It’s been touted as the magical weight loss pill we’ve all been waiting for, and though it’s been proven again and again, many are still skeptical. That’s easy to understand though. Once you’ve been duped one too many times, you start to believe nothing is true.

The Svetol Factor

Once people seen the kind of weight loss that green coffee supplements can provide, it didn’t take long for marketers to take interest. It was popping up everywhere. Suddenly everywhere you looked online you found “Dr. Oz Recommended Green Coffee Bean Extract”. Truth is, many of these products were not real. Why? They lacked the quality ingredients that pure green coffee extract has.

Svetol green coffee bean extract is created from Robusta beans. The extract that comes from it gives you 45 to 50 percent of the magical chlorogenic acid. If you aren’t getting at least 45 percent chlorogenic acid then it isn’t going to be nearly as effective as you hoped. It’s ok if it has more, but 45 percent is the minimum you want to see on the label. Look for Svetol or GCA (green coffee antioxidant) on the label.

Proof that Green Coffee Extract Works

weight-loss-excited-green-coffeeThe Original Study Showed 15% Body Fat Loss

In January of 2012, The Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal published the findings of a green coffee extract study. This is the original study that sparked such a craze and the one that Dr. Oz originally talked about when he brought Dr. Lindsay Duncan onto his show in March. Dr. Lindsay Duncan is a naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionist.

While he typically doesn’t endorse supplements like this, he said that the potential of green coffee bean supplements was so exciting that he had to.

Over a 12-week period, participants in the study took the extract and did nothing different i.e. no exercising or dieting.

In fact, they were eating over 2,000 calories per day. Astoundingly, the end result was substantial weight loss and decrease in fat. They lost about 17lbs and over 15 percent body fat.

svetol-double-weightl-lossDr. Oz’s Study Proved Svetol DOUBLES Weight Loss

Fast forward to September of 2012. Dr. Oz was so intrigued with this magical weight loss pill that he decided to do a study of his own. Although he’s a well-known and respected doctor for very good reason, he brought in his team of medical experts to oversee the study.

Almost 100 women participated in this study: half were given the extract and half were given a placebo. They were medically screened and the only change they made was to keep a food journal to ensure healthier eating habits weren’t a factor in the results. As with the first study, they didn’t add any kind of exercise either.

“Dropped 2 Dress Sizes in 2 Weeks!”

And green coffee bean extract was proven yet again to be a powerful weight loss aid. The women taking the extract lost twice as much weight as those taking the placebo. All the participants were on-set and in the audience for the live show where he revealed the results. One lady even said she dopped two dress sizes during the 2-week study. If you missed it, we believe that Dr. Oz is going to rerun the episode showcasing the green coffee study on Dec. 27, 2012.

Why You Lose Weight With Green Coffee Extract

cut-fat-with-green-coffeeGreen coffee bean extract is created from raw, unroasted ‘green’ coffee beans. These beans contain the magical ingredient: chlorogenic acid. When coffee beans are roasted, just about all of this acid is destroyed. It’s the key ingredient and what makes this extract so powerful. It speeds up metabolism, hinders glucose from forming in the liver and slows down how much fat is absorbed.

There are three reasons that green coffee extract is so potent and why medical experts like Dr. Oz believe it could be the answer for weight loss.

#1 You don’t have to do any dieting. You can continue to eat whatever you normally eat now and still lose weight. Of course, if you did make a point to eat healthy that’s just even more weight you could lose.

#2 You don’t have to change your exercise habits. Most diets come with the typical fine print that says you need to eat well and exercise. Not this time. It’s been shown to help you drop weight even if you don’t exercise (that’s not to say that you shouldn’t, though).

#3 It works for anyone and has no side effects. Some people automatically think that it would have a lot of caffeine and make you jittery like some ‘energy pills.’ But truth is, there’s very little caffeine it.

Green Coffee Extract Warning

There isn’t any data about how it affects young children or unborn children. Therefore, kids and pregnant women should not take it. At a minimum, talk to your physician. If you are sensitive to caffeine, remember that it does have a small amount. We’re talking less than your typical cup of coffee.

Choosing Your Green Coffee Extract

This is such an amazing discovery for weight loss. But that doesn’t mean that all the suppliers you find will be selling a quality product that really works. As is the case when anything hot hits the market, there will be some companies that are just after your money. After researching all the brands available, the one that we highly recommend is this brand of SVETOL green coffee extract.

Just as Dr. Oz recommends, it:

  • Is SVETOL, which is very important
  • Comes with nothing but pure, natural, quality ingredients
  • Doesn’t have any of those fillers, additives, binders and other junk
  • Comes with an no-catch money-back gaurantee (the easiest refund policy we’ve ever found)
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective
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