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What You Should Know About Acacia Rigidula

Acacia-Rigidula-blackbrushAcacia Rigidula has recently gotten a lot of attention as possibly a natural source for weight loss. Any potential solution is a welcomed one at this point, with the obesity rates that we currently have in North America. Native to Texas and central Mexica, this herb has been used regularly for generations by Native Americans due to the variety of benefits that it offers. What are these benefits? Here we’ll look at the most important benefits that Acacia Rigidula (Blackbrush) bring to the table…

What is is Acacia Rigidula Made of?

We will try not to get too technical on you here, but here are the basics… It naturally contains a number of chemicals and amines. Some of them are tyramines, dopamines, tryptamines, hordenine and amphetamines. Together they’re known to stimulate the production of adrenaline or epinephrine, dopamine, noradrenaline and catecholamines. In a nutshell, they stimulate beta-receptors and increase your metabolism, decrease your appetite and burn fat.

Lypolysis – How it Helps with Weight Loss

It’s only natural to eat less if your appetite isn’t as strong as it normally is. That of course leads to a reduction in the amount of carbs you eat. When your body isn’t getting the carbs it once was, it will start to use your fat to create energy instead of carbs – burning fat.

Controlling Your Appetite

Your body has neurotransmitters that basically tell you when you’re hungry (or it thinks you’re hungry). The amphetamines naturally found in Acacia Rigidula inhibit them from doing this. Simultaneously, they’re increasing your heart rate, metabolic rate, blood pressure and your “Fight or Flight” hormones.

Increasing Your Metabolism

When you use Acacia Rigidula, it releases norepinephrine, epinephrine and catecholamines into your body upon activation of the beta-adrenergic receptors. This leads to peripheral blood vessels being dilated and your heart rate/pulse rate being increased, which increases your metabolism in order to keep up.

And guess what? Not only does it provide these weight loss benefits, but it’s also been shown to naturally improve your mood. It does so by stimulating the release of dopamine in your pleasure-sensing part of the brain.

Important Note
While it’s completely natural and used in a growing number of supplements, you should always talk to your doctor when starting a new regimen. This is especially true if you’re on medication, have health problems, are pregnant or nursing.

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New, Little Known Superfoods for Weight Loss

The best thing for losing weight isn’t the latest magic pill that’s being hyped up across TV shows and news. In reality, if you want to lose weight the right way and be healthy, the very first place you should be looking is the grocery store. Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the main things you should be bringing home when you go to the grocery store and we think you might be surprised. We think you’ll be surprised at simplicity of these foods and how affordable they are, as well as just  how powerful they are at helping you lose weight.

Burning Fat With Beans

There are actually a lot reasons we’ve included beans at the top of our list. They’re super cheap. Just about anyone can afford a bag of beans. Most can be bought for merely a couple of bucks. They last a long time and are very versatile in the number of ways you can prepare them. There are the traditional bean soups, but if you like salads, many beans are great on salads. If you find you just can’t get used to and enjoy one kind, move on to the next! There are all kinds of beans you can try out.

Beans are an amazing fat buster thanks to the resistant starch and fatty acid butyrate found in beans. The resistant starch means that half the calories in beans will never be absorbed by your body. Secondly, the fatty acid butyrate will help you decrease the amount of body fat you have and some say, even possibly prevent some forms of cancer.

A lot of people associate eating beans with getting gas. The solution? Eat more beans. The more beans you eat, the more your body will build up a good bacteria that is used to effectively digest them.

Trick Your Brain into Being Full with Pine Nuts

Pine nuts contain a fat called pinolenic. This fat actually produces two super hormones that play a vital role in helping you lose weight. These hormones are called cholecystokinin and glucagon-like peptide. What’s so important about them? When these hormones are present, they send signals to your brain telling it that your stomach is full.

The result can be a very substantial appetite reduction. In one study, the participants were eating dramatically less after they started including pine nuts in their daily diet: Up to 36 percent less to be exact.

What’s even more impressive is that you don’t have to eat a lot of pine nuts to get this effect. Enough pine nuts to fill a shot glass are plenty to reduce your appetite and lose weight. Oh, and pine nuts also give you a good amount of protein.

Fight Morning Hunger with Fennel Tea

Fennel tea clears your palate so to say and refreshes your taste buds, but that’s not the main reason why so many people recommend drinking this powerful drink right before going to bed. The main reason is to avoid those early morning cravings, so you can choose your breakfast sensibly. When you drink fennel tea just before you bed, you don’t wake up starving like you likely would otherwise.

Fennel tea also helps your digestive system so you can more effectively digest the foods you eat, absorb the nutrients from those foods and helps prevent the storage of fat in your body.

Protein Powerhouse – Crimini Mushrooms

Packed full of protein, crimin mushrooms are often called baby-bellas (they’re basically just little min portabella mushrooms). They have a nice rich meaty flavor that makes them the perfect choice for meat substitutions. So the next time you’re prepping some burgers, meatloaf or meat sauce, replace some of that meat with these mushrooms.

You’ll instantly reduce the amount of fat in that dish and add healthy proteins without ever feeling shortchanged on flavor.

In addition to that, some researchers believe that crimini mushrooms have properties that will fortitude your immune system, making it easier to fight off and prevent cancer (and the development of tumors).

Apples Stop Fat & Calories in Their Track

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Ok, maybe not always, but an apple a day certainly does keep fat away. Try to snack on apples between meals or at least chop some up and put them on your salad before dinner. Why? Apples have pectin. Pectin is a fiber that’s super-powerful when it comes to weight loss.

When you eat apples, the pectin in them will decrease the amount of calories and sugar your body will absorb… so it makes sense to eat them before you plan on eating a meal.

Another important benefit of eating apples is keeping your blood glucose sugar levels in check. If you snack on apples, you’ll help your body to keep a steady and healthy blood glucose sugar level and avoid the mindless eating that comes from a blood glucose level crashing down from a high.

raspberriesBoost Metabolism with Raspberry Ketone

You can’t lose weight if your metabolism in a lull. A super easy way to kick-start your metabolism and keep it going is by using a raspberry ketone supplement. Raspberry ketone comes from raspberries. Raspberry ketone will control your adiponectin, which is what dictates just how fast or slow your metabolism runs.

In addition to that, it obliterates current fat cells and helps prevent your body from forming more.

While it’s true that raspberry ketone comes from raspberries, you’ll be hard-pressed to get enough of it from eating raspberries to make any difference. In fact, it would be pretty much impossible! In order to get the amount of raspberry ketone needed to achieve weight loss, you’d have to eat ninety pounds of raspberries. Not only is that, as we said, pretty much impossible, but it’d defeat the purpose. Instead, you will need to find a good raspberry ketone supplement.

Chili Peppers Reduce Appetite

If you love spicy then you’re gonna love this. Chili peppers! Inside chili peppers is a compound by the name of casaicin. Casaicin increases your body temperature, which in turn increases your metabolism. It’s also been shown that eating chili peppers will decrease your appetite.

So the next time you think your burgers, pasta or other meal is ready to eat… think twice and add some chilis or chili sauce to it to give yourself a weight-loss boost. Do this often to keep your appetite and cravings in check, as well as to boost your metabolism.

Stop Carbohydrate Fat Absorption with Vinegar

We talk a lot about your blood glucose sugar levels, because when they’re spiraling from one extreme to the next, you are very likely to mindlessly eat… just following cravings that your body is telling you need. Well, vinegar is another great way to keep them under control. Vinegar will help your body maintain a healthy blood sugar level that isn’t swinging out of control every few hours.

On top of that, vinegar is especially important if you love your potatoes and pasta. If you include vinegar in your diet then your body will not absorb those carbohydrates as fast. You can take vinegar and make all kinds of different, yummy sauces or vinaigrette to match just about any kind of cuisine you favor, too. Most are very easy to make and don’t cost much at all. Of course, there are plenty store-bought version too.

chiaseedsChia Seeds a Secret Source of High Fiber

Chia sees are a hot topic right now. All the healthy living websites and TV shows seem to be featuring them and giving ideas on how you can use them in your own kitchen. These little seeds are a powerhouse of fiber, that’s for sure.

What’s cool about chia seeds is that they’re pretty easy to incorporate into your daily diet since they can easily be used in both food and drinks. When you start using them, you will feel fuller and not want to eat as much. They’re also good for helping to reduce cholesterol levels and reducing the amount of fat your body stores.

If you want a really easy way to get chia seeds into your diet, make this simple drink. Toss in some sweetener or juice (pomegranate is always good) to a glass of water, sprinkle some chia seeds in and top it off with a slice of lemon.

Green Tea for the Long Haul

A few years ago, green tea was all the rage (much like the chia seeds are now). But just because it isn’t being talked about everywhere you turn doesn’t mean that it is no longer as effective at helping you lose weight. That’s not the case at all. It’s just there’s always something newer, something ‘just discovered’ that everyone wants to talk about.

Green tea is still very much effective. It helps you get rid of those cravings and helps you to feel fuller. So instead of a sugar-filled juice or soda (no-no), drink green tea between meals instead. At least some of the time.

If you continue to drink tea on a regular basis you’ll continue to stack the benefits of it. The longer that you use green tea, the more powerful it starts to become as your body adjusts. Your body will start refusing to store fat like it used to. It will start metabolizing food quicker, easier and more effectively. It’ll even start dealing with your cravings in a completely different manner.

Dump Cravings with Pepitas

Pepitas, pepitas… wondering what on earth that is? No, it’s not some miraculous new finding or exotic food ingredient. They’re simply squash seeds and pumpkin seeds. Pepitas is the Spanish word for them. They’re full of powerful Omega-3 fatty acids, which we all know are vital for our health. But that’s not all. They’re also incredible sources of magnesium and protein, which means that they are very helpful at reducing your appetite and getting rid of cravings.

The beauty of these seeds is just how simple they are to prepare. Nothing crazy. You can simply pop ‘em in the oven and roast them with a sprinkling of seasonings, use them as part of crusting for meats or put them on a salad.

red-lentilsFiber Filled Red Lentils

Red lentils are an amazing source of fiber. Just eating a single cup of them a day will give you three quarters the fiber that you should be trying to get each day. Now that’s fiber-packed for you, isn’t it?

Fiber is just one of the benefits that you get with red lentils. While fiber is vital in helping you feel nice and full, protein is just as important. Red lentils are another one that can be fixed in a variety of ways, too. They make a good meat substitute since they’re so packed with protein or you can do what many people do and fix up a delicious red lentil soup.

Watermelon – A Meat Alternative?

Watermelon is one of the most popular, nice-n-light foods during the summer. But I bet there’s a good chance you didn’t realize just how good it is for you. A lot of people recommend it when it’s especially hot out, because it’s high in water content. But surprisingly, it’s also incredibly high in protein and fiber.

Most people don’t realize just how powerful watermelon can be in a healthy diet or to lose weight. Watermelon can realistically be used as the protein in any meal with as much protein as it has. And it doesn’t take a lot, either. Again (like we mentioned above with the red lentils), it only takes a cup of watermelon to get ¾ of the daily recommended allowance of fiber.

Cinnamon for Weight Loss?

The next time you’re eating cinnamon toast, remember this… Cinnamon is a super spice when it comes to weight loss – not just a yummy addition to your meal. Eating cinnamon can make it easier to lose weight, because food doesn’t pass through your stomach as fast as it normally would. Add cinnamon to your coffee drink, toast or even pork chops. There are endless ways you can incorporate cinnamon into your day.

Get apples and cinnamon by slicing some apples and sprinkling them with cinnamon then roasting them in the oven or frying pan.

Avocados Kick Start Energy

Subway sure got something right… avocados are a powerhouse of nutrients and properties that are sure to help anyone trying to lose weight. I think avocados make the list on any superfood list! What makes them so powerful is the monounsaturated fat that they have. Adding avocados to your meal will give you an energy boost, help you burn fat faster and trim some inches around that waistline.

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Qsymia – New Weight Loss Drug approved by FDA

Qsymia is a very exciting new weight loss drug approved by the FDA on July 17 2012. Qsymia is actually a combination of two different drugs, phentermine and topiramate, that are already approved and used widely. Phentermine is known as an appetite suppressant and Topiramate as an anti-seizure drug for epileptics. Qsymia was initially denied in October 2010 due to concerns about possible side effects (more below), and sent back for further testing. Although there are still some concerns, particularly when overused, the FDA decided the plethora of health problems associated with the exploding obesity epidemic are far worse.

What’s the big deal about Qsymia?

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Say Goodbye to Frustrating Calorie Counting

Limiting the amount of calories you’re getting on a daily basis is one of the most recommended things when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. However, while it can play a role in your weight management, it simply isn’t as simple as that. A calorie is merely a measurement of energy. So calories are just a way to tell how much energy you’re feeding into your body and not always the best way to determine how much weight you’ll be able to lose.

Every Person is Different

One of the main reasons calorie counting isn’t as effective as some would have you believe is that everyone is different. Counting calories doesn’t actually tell you how many calories end up being absorbed and how many end up in your blood stream. The truth is that if you and another person were to eat the exact same thing, you both would absorb a different amount of minerals, fats and vitamins into the body – depending on your body. Your body  may absorb more fat and lead to weight gain, while the other person’s body may not absorb as much as the fat.

Good Calories, Bad Calories?

Counting calories doesn’t take into consideration the quality of food that you’re eating, either. Think about it… is the same amount of calories from ice cream or soda the same quality of calories if you were to eat the exact same amount of calories that comes from lean fish or chicken? Of course not. At one time, it was believed to be the same. Health experts would tell you calories are calories and that’s that. But today we know better. The type of foods you’re eating plays a much larger role in your weight loss than simply the number of calories that you eat.

Body Fat Percentage and Food Journals

Today we know that there are much better options for tracking and managing your weight loss. One of the most helpful and accurate ways of doing so is through keeping track of your body fat percentage. If your body fat percentage stays the same or particularly, if it rises – then there’s probably some dietary changes that should be made. If your body fat percentage is going down then you’re on the right track.

How do you keep track of things? Something a lot of people do is to keep a food journal each day. In your journal you should be writing down everything that you eat. Then when you check your body fat percentage, you can compare it to what you’re eating and more easily see where changes should be made and how effective your food choices are.

Using Body Mass Index

Another method to track things that’s better than strict calorie counting is to track your body mass index. Body mass index is referred to as BMI. It isn’t an exact science, but for the majority of people it’s pretty close and provides a pretty accurate way to measure your weight loss progress.



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Kicking Up Metabolism to Lose Weight Easier

Metabolism is just term that refers to how fast or how slow your body processes food and turns it into an energy source. The faster your metabolism, the fewer calories your body will have time to store and turn into fat storages in your body. So increasing your metabolism is one of the key ways to losing weight, but how can you naturally get your metabolism to speed up? There are actually quite a few ways that you can naturally increase your metabolism, some of which we’ll talk about below.

Blood Acidity and pH levels

The acidity and pH balance of your blood is directly connected to the speed of your metabolism. Ideally, you would normally want to have a pH of about 7.35, but how does someone know what their level is? Simple. A blood test. If you’re lucky, your insurance may cover the test. If not and you’re serious about losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight then it’s worth the investment to pay for the test if your insurance refuses to cover it.

Get Big Meals Out of the Way Earlier

At the start of the day, your body’s metabolism is naturally faster than later in the day. As the day progresses, your metabolism will continue to slow down until you hit the sack. Unfortunately, the eating patterns of most people are opposite of the ideal pattern for losing weight. You eat smaller meals for breakfast and probably have your biggest meal at dinnertime. To lose weight you’ll want to change this. Eat larger meals earlier in the day while your metabolism is up so it’s processed and burned off quicker. In the evening when your metabolism is slower, you should be eating smaller and lighter meals.

Low Glycemic Index Foods

The glycemic index isn’t just for diabetics. It’s simply a measure of how much of a blood sugar spike your bloodstream will experience when you eat certain foods. The higher the score a food has, the bigger the spike i.e. you want to limit your intake of these foods if you want to lose weight. If you eat a diet that’s primarily made up of low glycemic foods, your metabolism will be steadier.

Doing this doesn’t mean you’ll have to drastically change your diet, either. There are plenty of sources that will give you different lower-glycemic options that are similar to the higher-ones you may be used to eating. The change could be as small as eating red potatoes instead of regular potatoes or whole grains vs. traditional white rice.

Get Some Exercise

The easiest way to increase your metabolism is to simply get moving. If you wanna burn more energy and lose weight then exercise is vital. If you’re not active much of the time then your body doesn’t see the need to burn calories faster for energy and your metabolism will plummet.

If you can get in just 30 minutes a day five days a week, you’ll be on the right path. You can break it up into two fifteen minute blocks or all at once. It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re getting that time in. This one easy change (yes, it’s easy!) can give you a tremendous boost to your metabolism. Even if you’re just walking the dog, taking a quick swim or working in the garden… doesn’t matter. It all counts. Just get moving several times per day.

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Baby Steps to Weight Loss that Lasts

People who are trying to lose weight too often aim for goals that are simply too big to take on at once. They decide they’re going to completely change their diet overnight or they’re going to work out five days a week when they’ve never even set foot in a gym. Trying to take on huge changes like this usually doesn’t work. Sure, some may be able to do it, but for most people it’s much better to take things slow and gradually make changes.

If you’re trying to lose weight then do so in baby steps. Don’t try to completely change your lifestyle overnight, as it’s very difficult to make such big changes so quickly. Then when things fall through and you aren’t able to stick to it, you end up back where you started – or worse, even in worse shape because you give up.

Baby Steps to a Healthier Diet

If you want to start eating healthier, do so in small steps. Small goals will make it easier to grow into a healthier diet. You could start with something like committing to adding a salad as one of your meals each day. You could start with replacing your lunch time soda with a bottle of water. Small things like this make it easy to stick to and get used to. Once you’re used to doing that it comes naturally, then add another goal. Going slow gives you time to adjust and form better habits, as well as giving your body time to get used to the changes that are going on.

Baby Steps to

Just like taking baby steps to start eating healthier, the same kind of mindset should be used for working out. If you try to jump right into a schedule that’s strict and advanced, you’re probably going to end up giving up. Instead of trying to jump into a crazy workout schedule, simply shoot for working out one or two days per week. That’s it. No set times or specific exercises… simply a goal to work out period. You want to work out enough to feel like you’re getting something out of it, but you don’t want to overdo it.

If you start with too much too fast you’ll likely end up making excuses as to why you can’t do it. Take it slow and gradually increase the number of times you work out and for how long.

Today’s the Day

What’s most important in trying to lose weight and be healthier overall is your emotional mindset. Get it in your head and tell yourself today is the day things start to change. Realize that it will take time and give yourself that time to adjust with taking baby steps. Real change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to form new habits and break bad ones. Also realize that no one is perfect. There’s a good chance you’ll slip up here and there and that’s ok!



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