How to Naturally Increase NAD Levels in your Body

Although many people opt for taking NAD supplements and pills, but there are other better ways to introduce lifestyle changes for achieving an optimum NAD level. The following tips are the best ways to maintain your NAD+ levels in order to have high energy and metabolic repair.

  1. Restricting sun exposure

Spending too much time in sunlight might lead to a reduction in NAD supply. In order to shield the cells from the sun’s UV rays, the body naturally utilizes big amount of NAD+.

When you go outside, do not stay for long directly underneath the sun and cover the exposed skin as much as you can.

NAD+ metanolic

  1. Exercise

This is a simple way to improve health while simultaneously increasing NAD+ levels. Apart from the common obvious advantages of exercise, it boosts the DNA building proteins. Consistent exercise needs more NAD+ to offer energy. Remaining in a fit shape benefits you long-term by slowing down aging.

  1. Heat sources

Although direct sunlight is not beneficial for your health, it does not mean that you can not seek the heat from somewhere else.

It is advised to spend time in artificial or natural heat. Some examples of heat sources can be saunas, hot tubs, and heated pools. These make your heartbeat faster and demand more energy from the body which initiates the high production of NAD+.

  1. Fasting or keto diet

Intermittent fasting is a type of eating which includes periods of fasting and eating. Famous fasting types usually involve 16 or 24 hours of fasting two times a week, subsequent to a healthy diet. This type of fasting induces body shock which improves the natural production of NAD+.

Ketosis is a diet plan having foods rich in proteins and healthy fats and low in carbs. A keto diet lowers body weight and increases NAD+.

  1. Diet changes

Foods which have vitamin B such as peanuts, avocados, and fish should be eaten regularly. Drinking a few glasses of cow milk daily is another way to improve NAD+ levels. Apart from implementing these changes, you should restrict your consumption of rice, bread, and white flour foods. As an alternative, search for low processed whole grains which regulate high quantities of vitamin B. Another choice you should look out for is fermented drinks and foods. For instance, kombucha and sauerkraut, which include NAD+. These items are also useful for curing acute joint pain and continuous bloating.


































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