Little Weight Loss, Long Lasting Benefits


If you’re seriously overweight then even losing the tiniest bit of weight can have amazing long-term benefits. That is, according to a recently released survey. This study monitored 3,000 people who were in a pre-diabetic stage known as impaired glucose tolerance.

The participants didn’t simply take a prescribed medicine. Instead, they were trained to behave different. Strategies were put into place to help them do so. They began tracking their daily food intake. They decreased the amount of unhealthy foods that they would stock in the kitchen. They started to get more active.

By losing a mere 14 pounds or so, you can decrease your chances of developing full blown type 2 diabetes by almost 60 percent. The health benefits gained from losing that much (or that little, depending on how you look at it) weight lasted as much as many ten years. And guess what? That was regardless of whether they gained the weight back or not. Now that’s pretty darn amazing, right?

The results and details of this study were set to be released during the American Psychological Association annual meeting being held in Orlando, Florida.

The director of the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center located at Providence’s Miriam Hospital believes the key is behavioral modification. Instead of relying on prescriptions and other medical interventions in the case of severe obesity, the key is to help them change their lifestyle. This includes getting more active (we aren’t talking marathons here) and eating habits. If you can lose just ten percent of your body weight, it can help with a number of health problems, including hypertension, sleep apnea and increased mobility as you get older.

The director, Rena Wing, was doing her own research too. Studying 5,000 participants who have type 2 diabetes over a 13-year time period. The focus of her study is to see if this behavioral approach will lead to lower heart attack and heart disease risk.


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