Raspberry Ultra Drops Scam

In our quest to keep our readers up to date on the wide variety of raspberry ketone products on the market today, a certain product has come to our attention that we felt demanded some reviewing. If you have not yet heard of (or ordered from) Raspberry Ultra Drops, consider yourself lucky. It doesn’t take very long to get some pretty serious red flags.

Thousands of Reports of Fraud

There are thousands of people pissed off enough to go thru the trouble to file reports on ScamBook,Complaintsboard, Facecrooks, and other consumer protection websites. This company has been accused of fraud, false advertisement, hacking into personal accounts and flat out just not sending the items ordered. Angry customers report losses of up to $229 and a few claim damages of up to $9,000! On just one of the above site there are 203 very serious complaints against Raspberry Ultra Drops.

theif2Millions of dollars in damage claims against them

The grand total of unresolved reported damages from this company is…are you ready for this?….$2,175,313.50! That is nothing to sneeze at, and we think this company should be avoided at all costs. Evidently, the only thing you’re liable to lose with Raspberry Ultra Drops is your shirt (and everything else you own).

raspberry ultra drop scam1

raspberry ultra drop scam2

flyingpig-claimsRidiculous, Unproven claims

Raspberry Ultra Drops users can expect to lose between half a pound to 3 pounds daily with the average being about 1-1.5 pounds daily

There are numerous such silly claims on their website, but we’ll just leave it at this simply ridiculous claim. 3 pounds a day? Right…. The weight loss industry is notorious for misleading consumers. That’s because people searching for these supplements are often desperate and very much wanting to believe there’s a miracle pill they can buy – and many companies take advantage of this. That’s exactly what Raspberry Ultra Drops does and they probably couldn’t care less what results you really get once they have your money.

piggybankRidiculous Price

Are you ready for this? $69 for a single 2 oz bottle that you have NO IDEA what is in it. I really don’t understand how some of these companies can charge so much. It’s pretty clear they’re just in this business for the money – not for helping people. That’s a sad fact when obesity is an epidemic with no end in sight. What even makes it worse is that customers will buy, believing they’re completely covered with a money back guarantee. The fact of the matter with this particular company is that you might not even get what you ordered, let alone a refund.

How much Raspberry Ketone?

Dr. Oz raves about the wonderful benefits of Raspberry Ketone for weight loss. It DOES work. However, we have no idea HOW MUCH Raspberry Ketone is in this product, since they never show the label or any list of ingredients. Scammers don’t show the label because they use VERY LITTLE Raspberry Ketone in their product.

Our Conclusion

This is where we summarize the good and bad points about a product we review. Only, in this case it is not really necessary, since it is pretty obvious this is a big scam. This company makes outrageous claims, engages in all kinds of fraud, and sells a crappy product at a ridiculous price.
Raspberry Ultra Drops is the very last place you should buy from!



Don’t trust emails
You must research ANYTHING you find from an email, especially unsolicited from people or companies you don’t know.

Don’t trust paid ads

The ads to the right in google, and sometimes in a bar at the top are paid ads. Scammers can pay for those listings, rip you off, and you wont be able to find them again.

Those are the “Here today, Gone tomorrow” companies that specialize in ripping people off and disapearing.

Research the company and brand name

Websites like AlivebyNature you find at the top of Google search results (not the paid ads) because we have been doing business online for 7 years and rank at the top for a reason. We do not push scam products then disappear.


bottlesblueAfter all our research, the Raspberry Ketone Extract we recommend here on Amazon, Manufactured by NewLifeBotanicals in their FDA certified facility, it is the highest quality you can find.

Right now, you can get a discount on it here.


If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, then we know you’re looking for something that will 1.) Actually work and 2.) Work fast. There’s a never-ending list of weight loss products available today, but it’s best to try to stick to natural supplements that won’t wreak havoc on your body. This is one of the reasons we keep up with Dr. Oz and keep you informed about what he talks about – he’s a big believer in keeping things real and natural.

Raspberry ketones is a completely natural way to lose weight. Raspberry ketones are simply a compound found in raspberries. It’s very aromatic and is often used to add flavor to different foods and fragrance to perfumes. Dr. Oz called it a miracle weight loss pill and explained that they “shrink” your fat cells. What he actually means is that by taking this supplement, it combines with the norepinephrine in your body. That results in more fat leaving your fat cells, so in essence they shrink… and so do you.

We know now from research that raspberry ketones help your body to produce something called adiponectin. When all is good and your body is keeping a balanced level of adiponectin, your appetite doesn’t go haywire and when you do eat, the calories are used correctly. When you don’t have  balanced level of adiponectin though, you’re always hungry and craving foods and when you do eat, a lot of those calories get tucked away and stored as fat.

Just another word of caution here… if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol then talk to your doctor before taking raspberry ketones (or any health or weight loss supplement for that matter).

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