Side Effects Seem Nonexistent with Garcinia Cambogia

Everywhere you see garcinia cambogia advertised, you see that it’s all natural and causes no side effects whatsoever. While that’s mostly true, there are a few shades of gray here. But you have to think of it this way. If you’ve ever been given a prescription from your doctor, you know the papers you get with it. Instructions, side effects, etc. If you actually read those papers, you’d probably be pretty hesitant on taking it after seeing all the possible side effects. But the fact is that they’re normally rare or they wouldn’t be prescribing it. You have to look at supplements the same way.

garcinia-side-effectsWarnings and Notes

There has been plenty of research and there are several identified studies prove just how effective and how safe garcinia extract is. They also show little to no side effects from it. However, it’s still highly recommended to avoid using it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. You wouldn’t want to risk it since there’s no evidence showing it’s safe for children.

Another thing to note is that when you take garcinia, you’re likely to see a decrease in your sugar levels. For that reason, if you have diabetes then definitely talk to your doctor before using it. If you suffer from Alzheimer’s, you probably shouldn’t use it either, as it could cause worse dementia.

The Side Effects

With those warnings out of the way, let’s get to the point – side effects. Most any drug on the market can cause a long list of side effects: digestion problems, headaches, allergic reactions, etc. These kinds of effects are rarely ever heard of with garcinia cambogia, though.

Among those rare cases, it’s not normally actually caused by the supplement itself, but by other factors. Many people see a change in their eating habits and other habits, which are often the real cause behind the side effects. In those cases, they’re short lived as your body adjusts. In other cases, people simply don’t follow directions.

If you’re not drinking enough water (you should be drinking plenty of water daily when taking this supplement or any other for that matter). Headaches or muscle cramps can easily be the result of not drinking enough water.

In other cases, people are duped into buying a product that’s not natural and not good for you. I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Oz Effect”. When something gets as popular as garcinia has, there are tons of imitation products and scammers out for a quick buck. If you buy something that’s not properly and carefully manufactured, then you run the risk of putting your health in harms way. Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier who is also GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices).

In any case, you have to judge for yourself. If something does come up, only you can know if it’s something you should be concerned about. Trust your gut feeling. If it’s something that concerns you, then by all means you should ask your doctor.