Sun Warrior: Tried And True Rice Protein Supplements

Can a rice protein powder perform as well as other sources of protein supplements? Whey has been the leading source of protein for powders for years, though soy and casein are two other popular choices. There are more options available today than ever before and Sun Warrior brown rice protein is getting a lot of attention. Maybe that’s because people are more in tune with their allergies or intolerances. Maybe because there are so many people turning towards a vegan or vegetarian diet. But is it for you and will it work for you?

Those in the fitness world often look down their nose at rice, considering it simply a starch-filled carbohydrate. But you have to realize that they pack a punch when it comes to protein and nutrition, even when compared to other common cereal grains. Could Sun Warrior protein powders be on to something with their classic protein blend that’s based on raw whole grain brown rice?

Benefits and What You Should Know

Brown rice protein powder provides your body with each one of the essential amino acids it needs, but cannot create. Its amino acid profile far outdoes that of soy or even whey. A lot of people, especially athletes, typically have second thoughts about making a change from whey to something else in fear that it won’t provide them with what they need. But a study done last year at the University of Tampa showed that rice protein provided the same effectiveness as whey.

And did we mention that it’s hypoallergenic? Yep, again, we’re comparing it to soy and whey… Both whey and soy can cause problems with some people due to certain sensitivities and allergies. Those with dairy sensitivities should steer clear of whey supplements. But even those who don’t have often experienced gas and other problems within the digestive system when using whey.
Rice is easy on the digestive system. It’s hypo-allergenic.

Sun Warrior’s rice protein supplements take the cake when it comes to taste, too. Many protein powders end up creating a drink with a terrible texture and a taste that’s not much better. But even the “natural” flavor of Sun Warrior Classic has a nice, subtly sweet flavor and because of their processing methods it comes out creamy and smooth.

Overall, there’s really no reason we could find not to use a quality, plant-based rice protein powder. It’s become clear that it provides just as much benefit as other types of protein supplements. The fact that it’s gentle, safe, hypo-allergenic and a vegan friendly option means that it probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Have you tried Sun Warrior or any other rice protein powders? How did it measure up to your expectations?

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