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Taking the WORK Out of Working Out!

If you’re trying to shape up, then you’re bound to know that there are literally hundreds of different kinds of exercises you can do. The problem a lot of people face is they simply never find the right one for them – that exercise routine that they actually enjoy and look forward to doing. Some people enjoy walking, jogging, riding a bike, swimming or something else that keeps them outdoors. Others don’t enjoy the outdoors as much and would prefer working out at the gym with weights, machines or taking different group classes.

If you enjoy the outdoors and live an area that often has nice weather, then consider trying to get a group of friends together to get out and exercise together. You could do weekly hiking trips, jogs or head to the river (or whatever water is nearby) for an afternoon of swimming. If you’re into sports, then you all could hit the batting cages or form games of softball, tennis, basketball or hit the golf course and driving range.

The possibilities are endless. It all just depends on what you like to do. A lot of people get bored with doing just a particular thing, too. So mix it up some. Hit the gym one day and on another day you and your friends can shoot some hoops. Exercise doesn’t have to be tedious, boring or ‘hard work’. There are all kinds of things that are fun and you probably enjoy that you didn’t even really consider exercise before. Heck, even getting out in the garden for the afternoon is a form of exercise.

Check in with your local gyms and see what they offer. Today there are all kinds of different classes that are often available. From yoga and pilates (you’d be surprised just how challenging those can be regardless of whether you have always considered them ‘sissy’ like), to kickboxing, to the new big craze – Zumba.
Pick something and just get started. Try new things. Eventually you’re going to find the perfect fit for you and end up with a routine that’s tailor made for you. Just don’t get into a rut doing the same thing and always try to challenge yourself. Swimming doesn’t seem like much, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do. The resistance your muscles get is amazing and it works just about every muscle in your body.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re getting out there and doing something for about half an hour per day. Find a few things you like and switch ‘em up as you go along so you’re never getting bored and your body doesn’t get to used to it. If you’re doing the same exact thing constantly, your body adjusts to it and will end up not getting much out of it.

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