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A Proven Product GC50 Review

Good product if you wanna spend more money!Here is a company actually worth some pretty decent attention and praise. A division of aProvenProduct, aPProved is one of the other leading green coffee supplement providers. They aren’t some fly by night company that popped up in the wake of the green coffee hype after Dr. Oz talked about it on the show. Nope. They’ve actually been around quite some time and they’re one of the few companies out there that we can say we respect.

Pro: Company with High Standards

They carefully test all their products. Why? Because yes, even the biggest name brands in the industry can make a mistake here and there. We agree, which is why believe in doing the same thing. Every single product that we ship out has been tested and passed with flying colors. There aren’t a lot of green coffee pill suppliers that go through that trouble. Many of them just are in too much of  a hurry to push as much product as they can out the door. That’s just not good business.

Why else do we respect them? Like us, they believe in thorough research. They’ve taken the time to study the studies (over 180 of them have been done… did you know that?). Again, most other companies out there wouldn’t care less about truly learning about the products they make such big claims about.

Instead of simply just making claims and pushing products. They want you to be educated, as we do, so they give advice, tips and information about green coffee extyract that will actually be helpful to you.

The Downside? They Charge Way Too Much!

So yes, in a nutshell we very much respect their organization. There’s just one downfall – for you. The price! At about $114 for three bottles, that’s roughly twice the amount you could get a 3-pack for. If you want a pure, high quality product that has everything that Dr. Oz recommends then check out the available green coffee supplements here. You won’t pay nearly as much, which is always a good thing. Right?


Choosing A Supplier

You know that we believe in high quality products, but we don’t believe that you should have to pay ridiculous prices for it. Therefore, we highly recommend this Svetol green coffee extract. It has everything that we look for at a great price. If you prefer, you can also buy it from Amazon (buy three from Amazon and they give you one free). 


Click for larger size to read label.

Click for larger size to read label.

As recommended by Dr Oz, it:

  • contains Svetol
  • completely natural with no filler ingredients
  • Has 50% Chlorogenic Acids
  • Is proven to be effective



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