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Questionable Purity of Puritan’s Pride

Good or bad? Puritan Raspberry KetonesThere are many good things to be said about the supplemental vitamin company Puritan’s Pride. The vast amount of products they offer is impressive, and their prices are reasonable. It doesn’t take long to come away very impressed when looking through their website. They seem to always have a fabulous sale going on, with either completely free shipping or a low flat rate for any amount of merchandise. Lures like that are hard to ignore.

Combos and Choice Overload: Good or Bad?

Unlike a few other companies we’ve reviewed, they do offer you the convenience of being able to check out the label for yourself. Remember to look closely, though.

The product Raspberry Ketones and White Kidney Bean Complex has only 100 mg of raspberry ketones, while it packs 500 mg of White Kidney Bean. If you were looking for a Raspberry Ketone product, that wouldn’t get you very far. There are several different combinations they offer – Raspberry Ketones mixed with everything from Green Coffee extract to African Mango. Thankfully they also offer just the Raspberry Ketones, but no higher than a dosage of 500 mg. Not very impressive.

Maybe Not All Natural – No Sources?

This company seems to have thought of everything. You can have excellent prices, free shipping and your raspberry ketones mixed with just about any other supplement you can imagine! What’s not to like… right? Except one thing… where do they get their raspberry ketones from? we could find NO information about the source of their raspberry ketones. Not a hint of whether it’s made from real raspberries or grown in a petri dish somewhere. The most you can find out is that they sell “highly concentrated forms of raspberry ketones”. That’s little comfort to customers who are looking for a purely natural product to rely on.

So while you may get what seems like a good deal by ordering from Puritan’s Pride, the unanswered questions may tip the scales in the long run.


We’re always suspicious of these types of stores. It seems like they offer some really good deals, but you never really know what you’re getting since they don’t tell you anything about where or how they produce their products – or information about their manufacturer if they aren’t the ones who really create them. You’re simply bombarded with half a dozen variations of every supplement, including raspberry ketones. You’re better off buying from a supplier that’s forthcoming and one that specializes in a few select supplements instead of trying to dab their toes into everything.

Raspberry Ketones Supplier: Tips to Pick the Right One

Searching for raspberry ketones can be time consuming if you aren’t sure what to look for. There are dozens of different brands and even more suppliers that carry those brands. Take a little bit of time to make sure you make the right choice. From our research, there’s a clear winner: these raspberry ketones drops are the ones that we currently recommend. You won’t find a better deal from a better supplier.

Dr Oz confirms drops work better:

  • You get more bang for your buck
  • Drops are absorbed by your body quicker and easier
  • This particular brand isn’t jam packed of useless ingredients
  • It’s 100% all natural, proven to be safe and simply work
  • You get a real money back guarantee with no hoops to jump through



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