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Liquid Raspberry Ketone Burn Will Burn A Hole in Your Pocketbook

raspberry-burn-moneyWith the major influx of raspberry ketone products on the market since Dr. Oz called the product the “No. 1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat”, it’s almost a full-time job to keep up with all the new products being introduced. Liquid Raspberry Ketone Burn is just one of the (very) many. Besides being a mouthful to say (let alone remember), Liquid Raspberry Ketone Burn has very few things going for it as far as we’re concerned.

A lot of people will like the liquid form. Taking capsules can become tiresome for so many. Two droppersful of a pleasant-tasting liquid held under the tongue for 30 seconds will be much preferred by some.

Hiding the Truth? Where’s the Ingredients?!

Liquid Raspberry Ketone Burn is very forthcoming in telling you that they have mixed their raspberry ketones with both African Mango extract and Green Tea. However, nowhere on the website can you see a copy of the actual label or ingredients list. There is seemingly no way to know from the website how many milligrams of the actual raspberry ketones are in each recommended dosage. They are evidently relying on the beautiful, brightly colored pictures and testimonials of (their words, not ours) “good looking and happy people” to sell you their product.

cluelessTechnical Issues?

Many people may find it annoying that the testimony of their main expert, Dr. Oz, won’t load correctly, and they’re left wondering what in the world happened, and is anyone ever going to notice and fix it?

They’re either clueless or don’t care. If a company can’t be bothered with making sure their site works, what makes you think that they’ll put anymore effort into making a quality product or making sure customers are happy? I mean, the site should be their portal to information for a consumer. If they can’t handle that, then I sure wouldn’t trust them with my money. Would you?

Price Too Way Steep

money-goneThe final straw for us was the price. All that can be yours for just $69.95 for a MERE 15 day supply, and that’s $30 off the original price. If you’re brave enough to buy 8 bottles, you can cut that cost down to about $50 per bottle. However, should you find yourself dissatisfied with the product, a refund will ONLY be given for unopened bottles, and there will be a 25% restocking fee as well.

Let’s think about that for a moment… You decide to trust them with your business and you buy a single bottle. You start taking it and realize it just isn’t working. Guess what? You’re just out of luck and out that $70 since refunds are only made on unopened bottles. That makes no sense. You should never have to  jump through hoops like that. This is a prime example why you need to choose your products carefully.


While liquid raspberry ketone drops are one of our most recommended weight loss supplements, we have to say no on this one. They completely overcharge, they won’t show you the actual ingredients and amounts of each one by giving you the option to view the label. They say they offer 100% money back guarantee, but they don’t. It should read “100% money back guarantee IF you BUY MULTIPLE bottles and want to return ONLY UNOPENED ones”. Then you get the pleasure of paying restocking fees, like it’s your fault their magical blend didn’t work.

How to Find a Good Raspberry Ketones Supplier?

Research, research, research. You can’t simply visit a site and decide that because it’s beautiful and appears like a truly legit company with awesome products that you can trust them. Like we pointed out above, I’m sure there are plenty of ticked off customers who tried to return their unused bottles – only to find out that they don’t “qualify”, because the bottle was open. Always read the fine print and verify claims that they make. Of course, you may not have time to drill down on each brand. No worries – we’re always watching the industry and keeping consumers up to date.  Right now, we can solidly recommend these raspberry ketone drops. 

Dr. Oz recommends drops & these are best because:

  • They’re absorbed super-fast, giving you results quicker
  • You aren’t paying for a blend of fake, filler ingredients (yes, some companies do this!)
  • Has been proven many times to be effective
  • Is truly, completely 100% natural
  • Offers an honest money back guarantee
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