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Surprising Finds with Sea Buckthorn

If you’re a fan of the Dr. Oz show then it’s very likely that you’ve heard about sea buckthorn already. Not only did he talk about it on one of his shows, it was actually featured in two shows back to back. Why would he feature it twice? Well maybe he just couldn’t cover all the amazing benefits of sea buckthorn in one show. There are so many powerful properties of sea buckthorn that it could really bring a lot of positive health changes to people… if they know about it.

Where does Sea Buckthorn come from?

Sea buckthorn, which is a berry, comes mostly from China. It’s harvested and made ready, then exported out and sent all around the world. Some people actually use it for water conservation and soil conservation.

One type of sea buckthorn, referred to as Hippophae Salicifolia, is one of the less common varieties that come from the Tibetan region. Grown in the mountain areas, it’s been used for millennia for a variety of health and beauty reasons.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

The oil that’s harvested from sea buckthorn has been hailed as miraculous for not only health benefits, but also for skin care, anti-aging and for fighting disease. Although it’s been used widely around the world for many, many generations, it’s only recently been brought into the spotlight in the western world. Now, it’s being studied and researched extensively to see just what else this super little fruit might be able to do.

In one study, researchers fed the oil to mice. Mice that were given the oil and not a placebo lost a significant amount of weight and as expected, researchers couldn’t find any side effects to speak of. Many people, including the researchers believe this could be one of the biggest findings in the world of weight loss to date.

The Miracle Oil?

Sea buckthorn oil has been gaining in popularity at a very rapid pace since it was featured on Dr. Oz’s well-known show. In fact, it could even surpass the popularity of the very popular African mango and the HCG weight loss supplements.

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