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Little-Known Superfoods You Should Know About


There are new superfoods being found every year. Those that we’ve become accustomed to get replaced by even better ones that we discover. Some of the ones that you may not have heard about are cloves, maqui berry and baobab fruit. But what is it about them that make so powerful and beneficial for your health? Read on to find out…

Maqui Berry

Maqui berries will remind you of blueberries the first time you see them. Recent berries that hit superfood status, like acai and goji berries are having to make room for the new addition of maqui berries. These little berries originate from Patagonia, which is found in southern South America.

Tests that measure the effectiveness of antioxidants in foods prove that they’re a valuable source of antioxidants. This test, knows as ORC (oxygen radical absorbency capacity) has been used to test various other foods in the past. The ORAC test says that maqui berries are ten times better than blueberries and that they might be able to aid in weight management.


Ever heard of Amazon cherries? If so, then you’ve heard of acerola. They’ve also been marketed as barbados cherries. Native to the South American and Central America regions, they pack an amazing amount of vitamin C – as much as 40 times the amount you get from oranges. Again, this is a food that’s a valuable antioxidant source. If you try to find them in your local grocery store, you’ll probably have a hard time. The easiest way to add them to your diet is to use the supplements created from them.

Baobab Fruit

This is another new superfood and luckily, it’s just very recently been approved for export. Originally growing in Africa, it has a really interesting texture to it. How many fruits do you know of that has a powder-like texture? Yep, not very many… if any! Like the acerola, you likely won’t be able to find it in your local grocery store. We hope that it’ll become more widely available once all the exportation details are settled. But for now, you might be able to find it in yogurt.


Cloves is something you’ve surely heard of. But it wasn’t until recently it was discovered just how healthy they are for you.Thanks to Spanish research, we’ve learned about some very strong antioxidant properties in them. Experts believe, and hope, that we might be able to take that and use it VS synthetic ones that we commonly used as a food preservative.


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