Tips for Effective Weight Management


Everywhere you turn, you can find a new way of losing weight. But for a lot of people, they can lose weight… they just can’t keep it off. So what’s the key to actually maintaining your weight once you’ve met your weight loss goals?

There are many diets that claim they work for the long run. If you eat what they say, when they say and how much they say then you’ll transform your body into a more beautiful, healthier your forever. However, with most diets that just simply isn’t the case. When you get to the weight you want and you stop ‘the diet’ then the weight begins to creep back on.

How to Keep Weight Off?

No matter which you look at it, if you wanna lose weight and keep it off then you can’t eat more calories than your body can burn. Where those calories come from isn’t the issue. They can come from nothing but fruit, but they’re still calories. There is no one-size-fits-all diet that will work for everyone. You have to experiment with your eating and see what works best for your body. You have to burn those calories one way or the other. Exercise is great. But yes, there are things like green coffee extract and 5-HTP that can trick your body into burning more calories and fat. Regardless of what you decide to do, here are some tips to help you along the way:

Tips for Successful, Long Term Weight Loss

  • The changes you make don’t need to be drastic. Even the smallest steps you take can add up to a big change. For instance, could you switch to 2% milk instead of whole milk? Can you live with and learn to enjoy low fat cheese or salad dressings? It may not seem like much, but you’d be surprised at how it adds up over time.
  • Don’t blindly eat… that means, don’t pile up food on your plate and plop down in front of your favorite TV show to eat. If you do, you’re almost certain to overeat. When you eat, you need to be thinking about eating. Engage your senses and enjoy the texture, aroma and flavor. You will notice how much easier it is to notice that… “Hey, I’m not really hungry anymore, I’m full”
  • Keep the portions on your plate under control. Know about what a portion of meat looks like, veggies looks like, etc..
  • Include plenty of whole grains, low fat protein, veggies and fruits in your diet.
  • Limit alcohol and sweet, sugary treats.
  • Always eat a full, healthy breakfast. Make sure you get some healthy proteins.
  • Get active. Find a few activities you like and do them! You could walk, swim, play basketball, do yoga, etc… It doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting active.
  • Take little steps to find ways to add activity into your day. For instance, take the stairs at work. Park at the far end of the lot when you go shopping.
  • Don’t let stress dictate your eating habits. If you’re stressed and making your way to the fridge, go step outside. Take a deep breath and think about whether you’re really hungry or not. If not, find something else to do. Go for a walk. Call a buddy. Run a relaxing bubble bath.
  • Start keeping a food journal of some sort. It can be a notepad, a smartphone app or whatever you like. After a week or so you’ll be able to spot trouble areas. Keep track of your activities and feelings with it, too. That way, you can notice emotional eating. Yes, you will not always eat perfect. That’s ok. Just keep going and be sure to reward yourself for long tracks of good eating or good decisions.
  • Learn to read and understand food labels… and read them!


Believe it or not, there’s actually a group  at the University of Colorado that can answer that question with proof. They observe and track people who have dropped at least 30 pounds and managed to keep it off for more than a year.  They aren’t really secrets, but if you wanna know the ‘secrets’, here they are:

  • They keep their calories under 1,400 a day
  • Fat calories are limited to a max of 24%
  • They eat a healthy breakfast
  • They don’t engage in fad diets
  • They eat lots of different types of foods and lots of fruits/veggies
  • They regularly exercise (walking is the most popular)
  • They keep a current food journal
  • They regularly record their weight

The members who participate in this program say that as time goes on, it continues to get easier. They don’t feel burdened with the activities they do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, they start enjoying it. They enjoy the exercise. They appreciate the low-fat, healthy diet they follow and most of all… they love their now bodies.

A Wealth of Benefits

Losing weight helps you feel better about yourself for sure. You can stand a little taller and take pride in your appearance and hard work you’ve put in. But the health benefits are much more than that. If you can lose as little as as ten percent of your body weight, you will enjoy health benefits that can last up to ten years. You reduce your chances of developing severe health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Did you know that the people of North American spend upwards of $5 billion every single year on weight loss products? Everyone is looking for that magical little pill that will work overnight. But while there are definitely natural supplements that can help you on your weight loss journey, but for the best benefits, it will take some effort.


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