Using Forskolin to Build Big Mass

Forskolin, is found within nature in the herb coleus forskohlii. It’s not new and has been long known to be an effective fat burner, but recently has been found to have anabolic benefits as well. It boosts the loss of fat by using a natural enzyme, adenylate cyclase. This enzyme kicks basically increases the cyclic AMP, or cAMP which causes the cells to break down the fat from cells and make it available for fuel rather than storage. This also stimulates the thyroid. With the higher levels of cAMP protein kinase is activated. Protein kinase has been shown to activate lipases, which are involved in the breakdown of triglycerides. Triglycerides are key in forming fat, so this is preventative rather than a maintenance routine.

Even more impressive is that because of the anabolic properties it promotes the building of muscle tissue giving this supplement a great 2 for 1 benefit. Burning fat while building lean muscle is optimizing the fat burning machine. It’s a wonderful cycle.

The enzyme adenylate cyclase can also assists in producing testosterone. A study from the University of Kansas recently discovered that adding 500mg of 10% extract to men’s supplemental routine for 12 weeks resulted in significantly more lost body fat and higher levels of testosterone than the control group who were given a placebo. As we know, more testosterone in men’s systems is beneficial especially as they age. Put simply, more testosterone equals more muscle mass.

There’s potential for a lot of additional benefits as well. It’s a vasodilator, meaning it widens blood vessels. Wider blood vessels means lower blood pressure. It can also reduce pressure within the eye, making it a possible glaucoma treatment.

One of the most overlooked aspects of supplements is how they make you feel. This is an all natural supplement found in nature. There’s none of the fat burning side effects like racing heart, or excessive sweating that we’ve become accustomed to. Using 20mg to 50mg of forskolin 3 times a day to increase levels of cAMP mimics calorie restriction and exercise. These benefits are happening whether you’ve changed anything about your routine or not. Once someone starts adding regular exercise and actual calorie restrictions on top of a regular regiment of forskolin the opportunity to see significant changes in body fat percentages and an increase in lean muscle mass is quite high.

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