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Twelve Months of Weight Loss Tips


Get Healthy and Stay Healthy – All Year!

Since the weather has turned colder, we are forced to spend more time indoors. For people who enjoy exercising outside, this can be a challenging time of the year. If you are worried about maintaining your weight loss efforts during the winter months and beyond, here are enough tips to get you through the next twelve months.


Studies show that having a small bowl of soup before your meal makes you less likely to chow-down when the main course arrives. The cooler temperatures in February are a great excuse to try some new soups. Whip up a batch of split pea soup or vegetable stew.


March can be a very dreary month. You’re ready for winter to be over, but spring is still being illusive. Add a bit of excitement to your life by trying a green smoothie. It may sound like a frightening idea, but these drinks are a great source of nutrients. Toss a bit of spinach or kale in the food processor (don’t worry…you won’t even taste it) and then add some of your favorite fruits.


With spring on the horizon, grocery stores are finally starting to stock fresh fruits and vegetables again. Pick up some avocados next time you’re out. This delicious fruit is high in “good” fats and can help you get rid of belly fat. While you’re in the produce section, toss a watermelon in the cart too. This is a great low-cal, sweet treat.


Everyone is excited to start spending more time outside. This should include you! If you live close enough to work (or school), consider walking or riding your bike. If you are a stay-at-home parent, take the kids for a walk around the block.


Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Studies show that less sleep leads to more fat. Once you are nice and rested, go spend some time in the garden. Plant some fruits and vegetables that will keep you healthy all year long. Plus, all the weeding will burn some extra calories!


Plan a healthy menu for your backyard BBQs. Leave the butter and salt off your sweet corn. Grill up some extra lean meats like chicken or turkey breast. And pass by the soda, beer, and wine – water is a much healthier option.


Tweak your personal eating habits. Are you sitting down to dinner at 9pm every night? Do you grab a donut and coffee each morning on your way out the door? These bad habits need to come to a screeching halt. Take time to plan (and eat!) low-calorie, nutrient-rich meals. Maybe try some vitamin injections (this company has some) if you think you’re missing out on the essentials. Or maybe vitamin injections aren’t necessary; you just need some help with menu planning. Why not try one of those programs that offer pre-packaged meals?


Take full advantage of the last remaining days of nice weather. Invite some friends to join you in a doubles tennis match. Go on a family bike ride. Play a game of catch with your son. Jump rope with your daughter. If you are searching for ways to burn calories, the sky’s the limit!


For junk food junkies, Halloween is a nightmare – in more ways than one! Completely denying yourself of the sweets you love will ultimately backfire. Your self-control will only last so long; eventually you will succumb to your sweet tooth and totally overindulge. Instead, allow yourself a few treats every once in a while. But don’t just randomly grab something out of your child’s Halloween bucket. Plan ahead and put a few light, heart-healthy dark chocolate pieces in the cupboard.


Even if you manage to survive Thanksgiving without totally ruining your diet, the trouble is just beginning. Once you put the turkeys away and get out the winter-wonderland decorations, everyone is in full party mode. When you go to a party, make sure you don’t drink too much alcohol. Alcohol is packed full of useless calories. If you do choose to drink, alternate each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water or diet soda.


By now, holiday festivities are in full swing. Want a simple way to avoid totally pigging out at every function you attend? This sounds crazy but eat before you go. Fill up on healthy snacks at home. That way, when you are looking at a buffet table of all your favorite goodies, you won’t go overboard.


Back to reality. By January, the party season is over and you are back to the daily grind. If you are struggling to get motivated about exercising, try a new workout. Sign up for a Zumba class or try yoga.

Now, your twelve months have come and gone. It is time to reevaluate your weight loss plan. Have you made significant stride towards your weight loss goal? Do you need to go back and revisit some of the previous months’ tips?

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